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[SPN Fic Rec]: "Second Map of the World" by candle_beck

TITLE: Second Map of the World (fic on AO3)
AUTHOR: candle_beck
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: [info]candle_beck, author's AO3
FANDOM: Supernatural
GENRES: Slash, First Time, Angst
WARNINGS: Sibling Incest (Wincest), language, graphic m/m sex *alcohol intake*
CONTAINS: hurt!Dean (battered), Impala, pining *kissing, necking, making out in the Impala, awkwardness, insecurities, blow job, anal fingering, bottom!Sam*
TIME FRAME: no particular season, no spoilers, written in 2010
WORDS: approx 13,931
SUMMARY: They're on a lucky streak, and then Sam does something ill-considered, and the plot thickens. (Given by the author.)

The shots they took one after another in a short sequence, right hook, uppercut. Sam gasped, his eyes watering, and clapped the glass back down. Dean gnashed and banged his fist on the table and spat out, "Goddamn," as his throat was flayed open.

And five minutes later Sam was worse than drunk. He had lost all feeling in the skin of his face and it felt like his brain was melting. He sank back into the booth, his arms loose and boneless, an unsteady grin smeared on his face.

Dean was less than impressed. "Can't take you anywhere."

Sam attempted a scowl. "'m fine."

"Yeah, and you look it too."

Dean was making fun of him, Sam was distantly aware. He didn't really mind, happy to have Dean across from him, making fun or whatever he wanted to be doing.

They didn't stay much longer after that. Dean said he was embarrassed to even be seen with Sam in the state Sam was in, but that was just more idle trash-talking, and not meant to be taken seriously. Sam was pretty sure, anyway.

Coming out of the bar, Sam's footing was precarious. Uneven bits of concrete spurred out from the ground and tripped him up, and he might have fallen if Dean hadn't been there to grab his elbow.

"Fuckin' mess, aren't you?" Dean said cheerfully.

Sam put his arm around Dean's shoulders, leaning heavily on him to regain his balance. It wasn't strange for a moment, just Dean's regular solid form under his arm, Dean's body beating warmth against Sam's side.

Then Sam realized that Dean was tense, the back of his neck like stone. Sam remembered what had happened in Topeka suddenly, like a slash of ice water, and he yanked himself away from his brother.

Stumbling again, falling steeply, and nothing was going to go right ever again, and then Dean had hold of the back of Sam's shirt and he was hauling him upright.

"For fuck's sake," Dean muttered. His face might have been flushed; it was too dark to tell.
"Get it the hell together, Sam."

Sam shook his brother off. He stood on his own but unsteady, swallowing fast. "I'm all right, I told you."

Dean scoffed, shooting Sam an unreadable look, all foggy eyes and hunched eyebrows. Sam followed him to the Impala, only weaving a little bit.

I love fics in which the boys are pining for each other, but neither of them makes a move because of obvious reasons. This is such a fic. It's told from Sam's POV and Sam is so, sooo good at the pining thing here! You see, he's been pining for Dean for years and he always managed to keep it hidden. But one night, after barely escaping trouble, he loses control and for a short moment licks the blood off of Dean's underlip. The moment vanishes as quickly as it begun, but now Dean knows. And Sam is afraid. He is afraid that he fucked it up, destroyed it all. That Dean would vanish on him, hate him even.

I love candle_beck's writing style. She really has a way with words. It's very fluent and expressive. I love how Sam and Dean are described here. They seem so IC! I like Sam's insecurities, the angst, the awkwardness after that one brief kiss. It's a great getting together fic. Oh, and the sex is hot, too. It fits the overall tone of the fic. A lovely read for a cozy evening.

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