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[MCU Fic Rec]: "Your Favorite Ghost" by augustbird

TITLE: Your Favorite Ghost
AUTHOR: augustbird
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: [info]augustbird, author's AO3
FANDOM: Captain America (Movies; MCU)
PAIRING: Bucky/Steve
OTHER PAIRINGS: mentions of past Steve/OFC and Bucky/OFC
GENRES: Slash, First Time, Pining, Hurt/Comfort
WARNINGS: language, graphic m/m sex *period-typical homophobia*
CONTAINS: missions, hurt!Steve, hurt!Bucky, pining!Steve *kissing, necking, PTSD, blow job, hand job, worried!Steve, trying-to-get-his-memories-back!Bucky*
TIME FRAME: post Captain America: The Winter Soldier
WORDS: approx 21,013
SUMMARY: It's harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home. (Given by the author.)
NOTES: Steve's POV

It would have been easier if Bucky hadn't been the way he was. If he hadn't spent so much time teaching Steve how to throw a punch and protect his vitals. If he hadn't brought his ma flowers every week she was in the hospital in her last months of life--stolen off front porches and public parks, no doubt--just to see her smile. If he hadn't let Steve cry into his shoulder without saying a word because Bucky was the last and only thing he had left in the world.

If he didn't smile at Steve like they were perpetually sharing an inside joke, if he didn't sling his arm over Steve's shoulders, if he didn't catch Steve's wrist and pull him up the hill every fourth of July and say, with both their faces upturned towards the fireworks: "Look, it's for your birthday."

"Make a wish." Bucky would laugh because this was the Great Depression and candles were too valuable to waste on nonexistent birthday cake and Steve kept his eyes on the sky and wished for the same thing, every time.

I recently jumped the Stucky ship and needed a fanfic that would introduce me to this popular ship properly. I went on AO3, searched for Steve/Bucky and had a look at the fics with the most kudos. Your Favorite Ghost turned up on the first page of results. I was in the mood for a fic in which Steve is looking for Bucky who is still struggling with his memories, so that fic was right up my alley. I started reading and was instantly drawn in. Augustbird's writing style is perfect! The words are beautifully aligned. The way the author tells the story is intriguing, fascinating, sometimes heartbreaking, yet hopeful, so full of memories and emotion and action. I LOVE the fact that this stunning fic is the first Stucky fic I've read.

It's told from Steve's POV, which is fitting and spot-on, taking place right after CA:TWS. Steve is, sometimes with the help of Sam and Natasha, looking for Bucky and it's tearing him apart that he can't find him, can't help him recover his memories, can't bring him home. When he finally does find Bucky, he tries his best to help him. It's difficult for Steve seeing his friend like this, that blank expression he wears almost all the time, the few words he speaks. Steve yearns for the old Bucky to resurface, the one he so desperately desires.

Aww, my God, the pining is so strong in this. It's a truly beautiful fic you really shouldn't miss. I will re-read this many times, of that I'm sure.

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