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[MCU Fic Rec]: "The Blind Leading" by SkyisGray

TITLE: The Blind Leading
AUTHOR: SkyisGray
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: unknown, author's AO3
FANDOM: Captain America (Movies; MCU)
PAIRING: Steve/Bucky
OTHER PAIRINGS & CHARACTERS: mentions of Steve/OMC, cameos by other Avengers
GENRES: Slash, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Brainwashing|Identity Amnesia, Identity Porn, Angst
WARNINGS: language, graphic m/m sex*violence*
CONTAINS: hurt!Bucky|Winter Soldier, hurt!Steve, protective!Bucky|Winter Soldier, protective!Steve, sexual tension, feels, pining *clandestine meetings, domestic, masks, car!shower!wall!sex, biting, rough sex, clandestine meetings, sex in abandoned, anonymous places, top!Steve but past switching, kissing, blow job, hand job, anal fingering, anal sex, rimming, frottage*
RATING: definitely NC-17
TIME FRAME: post Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers (2012)
WORDS: approx 43,034
SUMMARY: Steve is specifically told not to fraternize with the independently contracted Winter Soldier. (Given by the author.)
NOTES: Steve's POV

Steve turns to see the locked, sealed doors blast open, an AIM agent on the other side. He flips backwards to grab his shield off the ground, but the rocket-launcher isn’t pointed at him. The AIM agent starts shooting the computers and machinery hooked up to the walls, destroying evidence like a tried-and-true AIM goon.

It takes Steve the length of three shots to disable the agent across the room. He hears metal twisting and things falling behind him, so he looks back and sees that part of the ceiling has been shot; the beams where the Winter Soldier was perching are actively collapsing to the floor.

He sees the Soldier’s body hang in midair for a moment along with the other ceiling debris, and then everything is hitting the floor six stories below. Steve’s pulse skips in fear for a member of his team, even a temporary and rather creepy member, and he sprints to the Soldier.

“Natasha, get the prisoners out,” he orders, and then he lifts a slab of concrete off the Soldier’s leg and pats his body down, looking for injuries. The Soldier flinches when Steve’s hand brushes below his knee.

“Get the fuck off me,” the Soldier growls.

Satisfied that he’s at least in one piece, Steve looks up at his face and notices that the fall has knocked off his sunglasses, leaving only his muzzle-like mask in place. The Soldier’s eyes are a soft shade of blue that belies his hardened nature, and Steve feels like the wind has been knocked out of him, too, when he momentarily thinks he’s seeing Bucky’s eyes staring up at him from the rubble-strewn floor.

Everything is going to remind him of Bucky: this he knows, and he’s made his peace with it. He just can’t let it interfere with his ability to concentrate on the here and now, and right at this moment, he needs to move the Soldier out of the facility before any more of the ceiling falls or more destruction-happy AIM agents show up.

“Can you move?” he asks, angling himself to pick up the Soldier under his back and his knees.

The Soldier pushes himself up on to his elbows and makes to put weight on his legs, but he hisses before he can shift into a crouch. “Leg definitely broken, a few ribs too probably.”

Steve’s sure that the damage is more extensive than what he’s claiming; after all, the guy fell six stories. He should be dead by normal human physiology. The injury pattern makes him think again that this guy is scientifically enhanced in some way for some purpose. So, he asks the Soldier as he slowly helps him stand on his good leg: “What powers you got?”

The Soldier shoves at him ineffectually, so Steve keeps going. “It’s obvious you’ve got super-human strength. I’m not judging you; I got some of that myself. I’m just wondering how you came by it.”

The Soldier shrugs, and Steve would think he’s being blown off if he wasn’t still looking into the Soldier’s black paint-smeared eyes. His eyes are unfocused and a little lost, and Steve thinks the Soldier might not know where the super strength and abilities came from either. It’s a sad thought because it suggests a lack of agency on the Soldier’s part, not unlike what Natasha has gone through, but the Soldier is pushing him away with more energy before Steve can say anything else.

“I can walk on my own,” he growls through his teeth, gritting them and looking like it’s shooting through him every time he puts weight on the broken bone. Steve hears the wounded pride in his voice and backs off, but bends over to pick up the Soldier’s rifle.

“Give me that,” the Soldier orders him. Steve can hear the scowl in his voice.

“Buddy, you’re either letting me carry your gear or I’m carrying you. Your choice,” Steve says with a shrug.

The Soldier grumbles under his breath in a language that probably isn’t English as he and Steve leave the facility and walk the half-mile to the helicopters. It takes a while because of the Soldier’s injury, but Steve tries to distract him by talking about the fight.

The Soldier has plenty of comments to make about Steve’s fighting style, believing it to be unnecessarily risky and showy; when Steve has taken enough abuse, he tries to sway the Soldier back into his favor by complimenting his rifle. “This is a nice gun. What kind is it?”

“If you have to ask, you don’t deserve one,” the Soldier informs him tartly.

“I didn’t say I wanted one; I’ve already got a beaut of a weapon.”

“Fuck your Frisbee, do you even know how to shoot?”

This fic showed me that I definitely have a thing for Identity Porn.

It's an alternative take on how Steve finds out that Bucky is the Winter Soldier. In this fic the Winter Soldier is a known Super Assassin for hire. For their next mission SHIELD needs another world-ranked sniper and they contract the Winter Soldier even though they still consider him an enemy. Steve meets the man, who wears a muzzle and sunglasses, for the first time at the conference room for the mission briefing. After their first mission together Steve is intrigued by this enigmatic man. Soon they start having these clandestine meetings in anonymous, abandoned places around New York letting off lots of steam. Oh and what steam that is. I've never read a fanfic with so many insanely HOT smut scenes (with meaning!) in it. Damn, you should really prepare yourself for the hot chemistry between Bucky|Winter Soldier and Steve.

One of the things I liked most about this fic is that the Winter Soldier always wears some kind of mask when they meet. So Steve only gets to see parts of his face and he can't help being reminded of Bucky and that's something that draws him to this grumpy, mysterious and dangerous man. It's really fascinating to see how Steve discovers who that Winter Soldier really is. It's even more fascinating to watch how the Winter Soldier remembers his past self because we only get to see that through Steve's eyes. The Blind Leading is a well-written, thrilling and highly entertaining fic. An instant favorite of mine you shouldn't miss.

Since this is a big bang fic there is art, too. Sadly, I couldn't marvel at it because of Photobucket's no-third-party-hotlinking shit. :(

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