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Feb. 27th, 2012

Catching up

Wow, my livejournal is already 6 years old. I started it when I was in my second semester. Time is really running fast. I graduated last year in September. This is also basically the reason why I couldn't update my journal as often as I wanted to. :(

In the meantime I detected something new to whorship: True Blood! This will be my new baby! I really love it! And the best: I got my boyfriend hooked on it, too.

Oh, darn! I really should write here more often, I kinda feel as though I have lost all my English vocabulary! This is real bad. I really have to catch up a lot.

Nov. 28th, 2010

Lost and Found

Hello guys! What have you all been up to in the time I've been away from the internet?

I feel kinda bad for not beeing active around here anymore for so very long (91 weeks according to my user info). OMG! What happened, you ask? Well, a few things have changed in my life. Me and my boyfriend moved in together, we've got two cats and I'm in the process of finishing my studies which is the biggest time-consuming factor at the moment.

I've been missing my journal(s), though! Back then in the beginning of 2009 I loved to write new entries, to communicate with people about this and that. Lately, I haven't been active in fandom. Haven't even been read one single fanfic. It's really sad.
And typing this, I really think my english has become a bit rusty over the time. It feels so strange to write in English now. lol

Well high time to change all of that! I'll be more active from now on! I promise! I also want to make more icons and stuff like that. That will be fun.

Mar. 1st, 2009

New layout

Hi folks!

I know I'm a terrible insanejournal friend right now, but my life is pretty stressful at the moment, and I don't have the free time to write and participate in my journal. :( I wish I could change that, I really miss the online world.

Today, though, I had some time left and went looking for a new journal theme I could use, and I found a theme that I like very much! This time it's a brighter one.


+ Thanks for the layout basic codes go to passing_girl.
+ Modifications made by [info]reijamira. I used some handy codes and resources by passing-girl, s2flexisquares and julzroguenine.
+ The pretty Supernatural mood theme I currently use at my insanejournal was made by the talented [info]causette.
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Nov. 9th, 2008

Yes sir, I'm still breathing and living among the living...

... I'm just not as active in the online world as I used to be. :( I know I neglect my fandoms. I haven't made one icon in months, haven't updated my journals, I haven't even read one single fanfic. This is the biggest break I've ever taken from fandom. Well, now, I want to get back to it, even though it may be a slow progress (depends on the free time I have).

During the rare time I spent online in the last time I found a funny vid. Chances are high that you've already seen it. It's called What What (In The Butt). It's really funny. Watch 'What What (In The Butt)' )
And I think it's already hight time for another of my "Ohrwurm" posts. I have so many new songs I really love at the moment! One of these songs is by Peter von Poehl "The Story Of The Impossible". Some of my German friends will know it from the ad for "Alpina Weiß". Watch the full music video for this song behind the cut. )
Okay, that's it for now! I hope I will find some time to make new icons and other goodies and to update my journal and to comment on your journal entries. :)
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Jun. 11th, 2008

[meme] Harry Potter Character Compatibility Test

I snagged this from [info]red_day_dawning.

HP Character Compatibility
Observe )

Jun. 2nd, 2008

Freaking Heat Fucks Up My Laptop --> rant


So yesterday my laptop kinda froze. I was having serious trouble getting it to work again. It was so freaking slow, nothing seemed to work. Opening or closing a program took forever, even chatting on MSN seemed impossible. I was so worried and frustrated, I nearly had a major fit.

It was so bad that I had to shut down my laptop and went to bed at around 12am. (I seldom go to bed at 12am!) And I was pissed that I couldn't work on my laptop any longer. *grrrr*

[info]only_gremo said it was because of the heat. I virus checked my system, and it's clean. So the heat it was then, wasn't it? Seriously, I've never ever had such issues with my laptop before. Scared the hell out of me, because I can't afford a new laptop.

However, today, everything seems to be okay once again. Thank God!

Dear baby,

don't you ever do that to me again! Ever! My heart couldn't bear it!

Thank you.



May. 29th, 2008

I eat, I crave and I lol :)

Yesterday my friend Anna and I went to our favorite Italian ice cream parlor the "Colosseum". The ice cream there is delicious! Usually I always take one of my 3 favorite sundaes, but yesterday I decided to choose something else entirely from the menu. I picked a "Spezial Becher" (translated to "Special Cup")which was awesome and tasted so very lusciously. My friend took her favorite "Himbeer Joghurt Eisbecher" (translated to "Raspberry Yogurt Sundae") which looked also very yummy. I had to take pictures of the sundaes before we ate them.

Sundaes after the cut )

Yesterday, while checking my LJ f-list, I found these pics at bale_daily:

Click to enlarge.

See more after the cut )


Again, a few lulz-worthy pics I found on my f-list:

Click to enlarge.

Arnie is looking for a wife...


Apr. 11th, 2008

Crack!Spiders r 4 LOLZ

Today I finally got around to manage my bookmarks. They really needed a good clean-up, and after weeks of putting it off, it was now or never. Besides, since I was working on my freshly created account, I was pretty motivated to go through my bookmarks just for the fun of adding them to *giggles*

Anyway, while I was working I stumbled upon a site I've nearly completely forgotten: Encyclopedia Dramatica. Some of you might already know it; in case you don't, it's some kind of LULZY archive. It collects the dramatic happens of the Web for your laughing pleasure. :)

So, I don't know how it happened exactly, but somehow I saw this article about Spiders and being masochistic and all I clicked on the link. Why masochistic? Well, I'm afraid of spiders! They scare me! Those long hairy legs! GNAH! They are ugly buggers and I don't like them! The thing is, that I once saw a pic of a giant spider in a forum, and when [info]only_gremo, [info]mllesatine and me met last month, we were talking about giant spiders and what we would do if we had one sitting in our room. That's why I clicked the link to refresh that image of that huge goddamn spider. (Care to risk a look? Then click here.)

Don't get me wrong, pictures like this creep me out! Really, they give me the shivers, and right now I'm constantly looking over my shoulder scanning all four corners of my room. Yeah, but still I had to look at those pictures! Anyway, I noticed then that those bloody harvest-men are no better than spiders! (Have a look, if you dare!)

So, yeah and to top it all off, I also watched a video called 'Crack Spider'. And it really cracked me up despite the spiders! Muahahhaahh! Basically, you can see how some scientist gives spiders a variety of some drugs (caffeine and alcohol being two of them) and the funny thing is the reaction that the spiders show after the contact with the drugs! You have to watch it! It's really well done and hilarious! I put the vid behind the cut. Personally, I love the coffee! and the crack!spider.

Building webs is for suckers )

Apr. 5th, 2008

I'm back, life sucked a great deal, now it's getting slightly better

Oh hell, I'm bored out of my mind. Actually, there are a few things that need to be done, but as it always goes with such things I don't want to deal with them right now. Procrastinating much? Y/N?

I noticed I haven't updated since February 29th. That's because I was at home from March, 5th till March 31st. My father passed away and I had to hurry home much earlier as I had originally planned. These past 4 weeks were really hard for me and I still can't wrap my mind around the thought that he's gone, forever. It's hard! It's shocking! It's sad! And so very unfair! He was only 49 and he died way too young. His life hasn't been happy and fulfilled either. If it were in my power I wish I could have made his life better. I hope wherever he is now, that it's nice there.

Anyway, as you know, whenever I am home I don't have a connection to the internet. That's good, in a way, because this way I'm forced to take a break from the online life, but, what can I say, I missed my journals. When I came back here I noticed that InsaneJournal has been updated and there are a lot of improvements! I really approve!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know who participated in the SPN Newsletter for InsaneJournal-poll that I'm working on it! I'm sorry for the delay, but as you see, RL intervened and consumed most of my time so I haven't had the chance to work on that project. But I will, I'm not neglecting it!

Well, that's it for now.

I have a few things on my mind right now and I'm thinking about writing some meta about yaoi manga (Hey, I saw you rolling your eyes there. :D) or Snarry or fanfics in general.

Aw hell, I'm still bored.
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Jan. 20th, 2008

New icon batch to come...

Hey folks!

I've noticed that I haven't updated for over a week now. Shame on me! I'm quite busy. RL is a bitch and when I'm not working on those awful papers, I'm working on a new icon set that I will post in the next two or three days. Ogirlie, up until now I already have three Patrick Wolf icons for you. Let's see, maybe it will be more when I finally get to posting that batch. :) Until then be patient little one. ^.^

Okay, sorry for not telling you more, but I'm pretty tired! Have a good night f-list.

Jan. 8th, 2008

I'm back

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone 'survived' the holidays. :)

I haven't been online for nearly four weeks now, because I was at home, and we don't have internet there, as sad as it is. I wanted to do so many things at home, i.e. improving my PS skills, making some icons, writing a few SPN reviews and metas etc. But all I did was ... nothing. Yeah, big damn shame but I was unfortunate enough to get a cold during the holidays (I still have it.). So I blame the cold.

Nevertheless I had a great time. Haven't been home for almost a year and my people were really glad to see me after such a long time. For christmas I got an external hard disk (amongst other things of course). But the hard disk is my new baby. 400 GB of pure digital data pleasure! WHOOT! :)

Anyway, today, when I was checking my LJ f-list I found a nice and funny meme:

Snagged from kathrinchen:

1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Here's my album cover )

Funny isn't it? *lol*

Well okay now, that shall be enough for today!

Good night guys!
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Nov. 23rd, 2007

A Q/A Meme

A meme snagged from camy_sammy

Click, I know you want to. )
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Nov. 18th, 2007

Interesting Meme

I saw this meme at [info]chatona's journal and had to do it myslef. So here it comes:

Some of it describes me pretty well! Amazing!
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Oct. 17th, 2007

Which Supernatural Character Are You?

[info]thenyxie did this funny quiz and since I love these kinds of quizzes I did it too!

Which Supernatural character are you?

You're John! You are skilled and smart, but world-weary and a little jaded. You're a serial monogamist, and you love hard. You can sometimes be a little too narrow-minded, and stubborn to a fault, but your heart is always in the right place.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Okay, John. Mhh, I can't say that I completely identify with Papa Winchester, but we share certain personality traits, for example does he keep a lot of things to himself. I tend to do that myself. And I think the love-hard thing is also true. *lol*

Oct. 16th, 2007

A Spontaneous Act

I just dyed my hair! It came over me out of the blue and I suddenly thought, "Dude, you gonna have to dye your hair." Well that's what I did in the end! It's now black-purple. Exactly like Lisa's hair in SPN 3.02. I would post a photo of me but neither do I have a digi-cam nor is my web-cam good enough to make photos where you can actually see the color. :(

That's why I post a pic of Lisa instead. My hair is a little longer than hers and much thicker. I use a straightener so it's nice and smooth like hers! :)

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view.)

Ramblings about the German SPN Dub

Yesterday Pro 7, a German TV-station, aired Supernatural (German dub). It was the first time SPN has been aired on free-tv. I watched it even though I knew the dub is awful. The voices are too boyish, soft and, in case of Sam and Dean, sound too much alike. Watch a two minutes clip of 1.17 "Hell House" here if you dare.

Curious as I am I've looked the German dub up on YouTube some time ago. As far as I know 1.03 "Dead In The Water" is fully uploaded there. There are also a few short clips from various episodes.

It is really bad. Especially since Dean and Sam have the same dub voices like two characters from the anime "Dragon Ball (Z)". I used to be a HUGE fan of DB(Z). And after more than 400 episodes the characters (and their voices) get really stuck in your mind. Every time I hear German!Dean talk I think of Tenchinhan and every time I hear German!Sam talk (my Sammy *whines*) I think of Kururin. And believe me, that is so not nice!

Another point is the translation itself! I was curious how they would translate BITCH and JERK. And they translated it to IDIOT and SCHLAMPE. Now, that's horrible. You don't say "Schlampe" to a man in Germany! At least not in the way it is meant to be in SPN. And JERK is not really "Idiot" in German. I would have translated BITCH to "Mistkerl" and JERK to "Spinner". I asked my friend Anna today, who only knows the German dub, how she liked the SCHLAMPE thing and she said she actually had to laugh! Mmh, I can't laugh about that. In fact it's rather sad.

Next HUGE mistake was MULLETROCK. They actually translated it to "Friseurmusik" (literal: barber music). No one knows Friseurmusik. I've never heard a term like this. Even Anna found it rather strange.

But all in all she said she liked it. Then again she never saw the original version which is a million times better. I soooo love Sam and Dean's original voices. Such beautiful deep manly voices. Especially Sam's. Because when he gets all angry or just a little bit louder it's like he roars. Such a deep DEEP bass. :) SEXY. And the German voice? It's school boy like! Ewww, when Sam screams or gets louder it sounds so strange.

And Dean? He lost his charm! Now German!Dean sounds very arrogant! And we all now Original!Dean is NOT arrogant.

However, after I watched the German dub I re-watched it in English and then, later that night I watched the rerun of the German dub. (Yeah, I'm that masochistic!)

I know I will tune in again next Monday when the second episode will be aired. Don't ask me why.

Oct. 3rd, 2007

My newest fandom: Alexander

I'm getting into a new fandom. It's [insert major drum roll here] Alexander The Great.

How did that come?

Read more )

Well, today I was looking for a few Jared Leto pics I could make icons from and I stumbled across something very, VERY interesting. Look:

Published: Friday, May 26, 2006

Is actor and musician Jared Leto coming out? In an online interview last week, the 34-year-old star said: "I'll give you an exclusive...I'm gay." Asked if he was serious, Leto replied: "As a goose." It's not the first time the actor, who also heads rock band 30 Seconds To Mars, has brought up his sexuality. In an interview with Out magazine in 2004, Leto told writer Degen Pener: "I know I'm gay. I must be gay." In the Oliver Stone flick Alexander, Leto played Colin Farrell's lover - but there were no sex scenes between the two actors. "If there had been," Leto said, "it would be the best man-on-man sex you've ever seen."

First, I've only known Jared from his band 30 Seconds To Mars. Even though I like their music, I've never once looked up "Jared Leto" on the internet or somewhere else, you could say I don't know anything about him. (That will definitely change, because now I am a fan! ^.^) Therefore I don't know whether he's gay, bi or hetero or whatever.

But what he says about that "if so-sex scene". Whoa!! I'd really love to see that "best man-on-man sex you've ever seen". Now, I have those naughty mental images! Great! Thanks Jared!

Two pics of Jared Leto and Colin Farrell )

Whew, now I'm done. :)

Sep. 28th, 2007

Quick update about [info]redscorner's project download

Because there are still people who don't believe [info]redscorner is a real person with real need for help, she posted a FAQ post over in her community projectdownload.

Don't forget to download her letter.

More information on project download can be found HERE, which I keep updated regularly.

ETA 09-29-07 @ 00:22 There is now also an Insanejournal asylum up and running, called [info]projectdownload where you can get all the up-to-date-news, information etc. concerning the project.
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Sep. 27th, 2007

News about [info]redscorner

There are some interesting news concerning [info]redscorner's project.

In this and this post she speaks about the increasing downloads and her gratitude.

In this post she informs us that people get errors when trying to download, for example it says the file is temporarily not available. So redscorner created mirrors, but she asks to try the original link first because she's getting extra points for every download.

+ Original Link

+ Mirror #1

+ Mirror #2

+ Mirror #3

+ Mirror #4

+ Mirror #5

Also, here, redscorner made a poll in which she asks whether to create an extra asylum/journal for the project or not.

Redscorner also created a community over at the other site that shall not be named, it's called projectdownload. Check it out and join!

More information can be found HERE, which I keep updated regularly.

I'm glad her project is so successful at the moment! I hope she can pull this through!
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Sep. 24th, 2007

November 17th, 07 will be my day!!

First things first:

In case you haven't noticed, [info]redscorner has posted a Thank-You Post including further information on the whole thing, here, and another Thank-You post, in which she assures she is not a sock puppet or a con or something like that. I believe her, she just doesn't seem like a puppet.

More information can be found HERE, which I keep updated regularly.

Don't forget to download her letter.


On a completely different thing!

November 17th, 2007 will be my day! My great happy day! I don't care if it snows, is freezing cold, rains cats and dogs, is stormy like hell or the world ends just at that moment! Why? Because today my friends and me got our tickets for the European Championship qualifier GERMANY vs. Cyprus! Yaaaaay! Me going to see OUR team play!! OH. MY. GOD!!!! That's unbelievable! I'm so excited about this! We actually got tickets! Whew!! Awesome!

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