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Nov. 20th, 2007

Something I've noticed about Supernatural

Today I was re-watching 1.06 "Skin". And when I did so, I noticed a scene I've already seen in another episode. So I went checking whether it's true and it was. Look for yourself:

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

In 1.06 "Skin" at the end we see the following scene:

Screencap found at screencap-paradise

And then I remembered in 3.04 "Sin City" at the beginning seeing the exact same scene. Look:

Screencap by me

So, yeah, they've used the exact same scene in two different episodes! Hah! :)

I remembered the scene in 3.04 so well because I found it pretty and wanted to make an icon of it.

Nov. 3rd, 2007

Musings and questions about SPN

I answered these questions over at spn_fridayfive and I thought it would be great to also have them here in my journal.


1.) Which new Supernatural character do you like best and why? Which new Supernatural character do you like least and why? (Be as brief or elaborate as you please!)
I don't particular like any new character (yet). I'm intrigued to know what exactly Ruby is and what she wants, but other than that I don't like her that much. I find her way to speak and her attitude too arrogant. It irritates me a bit. I liked Meg and that Casey bartender demon from 3.04 a lot better.

2.) From what we have seen so far in season 3, which plot and/or character's fate are you anticipating most? Is there anything you're not looking forward to?
Sam. I want to know exactly what he is, which role he plays, how he will struggle with his darker side, how he will find a way to help Dean! I'm very intrigued by Sam's character!

3.) What do you think about how the show is handling Sam and Dean finding out more and more about other hunters and the hunting world in general?
I like the way they slowly but steadily find out more about the hunting world. I loved the Roadhouse as a place where hunter meets hunter. I like the way they picture other hunters. Those hunters are not simply copies of Sam and Dean, not at all, they each have their own way to hunt. I like that.

4.) In 3x01, "The Magnificent Seven", do you feel Dean was in-character or out-of-character? Please explain.
Definitely out-of-character! I already noticed it right in the beginning when he's lying on the floor and says, "Hello, bleeding here." I mean, surely, I had to laugh about that but I was also thinking how Dean would never do something like that. It was kind of ridiculous. The other huge OOC thing was, "What's in the box" That was very inappropriate and again ridiculous. I'm glad Dean is back to normal now.

5.) What did you think about 3x03, "Bad Day at Black Rock", being so humorous?
I loved it! I was laughing so hard, especially when Dean pulls Batman and is so amazed and surprised by what he can do. ("Oh my God, have you seen that shot!") Priceless. Sammy loosing his shoe. Also adorable! I really like that episode.

Oct. 21st, 2007

Review: SPN 3.03 "Bad Day At Black Rock"

First of, Supernatural never ceases to amaze me. Here I thought it is impossible to get even more obsessed than I already am, but after every episode I watch I realize I was wrong. Dead wrong. Since BDABR my obsession with that show reached a new level. I love and adore it to pieces. It's the best show EVAAA! Yes! Well, on to my belated review.

I lost my shoe. - SPOILERS AHEAD -  )

Oct. 12th, 2007

Review: SPN 3.02 "The Kids Are Alright"

Finally I got around to watch SPN 3.02 "The Kids Are Alright".

And since I didn't write a review of episode 1 I want to write one for the second episode.

Burn Baby, burn. -- Very SPOILERY -- )

Oct. 3rd, 2007

New promo pics SPN 3.05

I was just checking my f-list over on that site that shall not be named when I stumbled across the promo stills from SPN 3.05.

More info and the pics under here )

Sep. 21st, 2007

SPN Season 3 promo

[info]thenyxie provided a link to the Supernatural Season 3 promo. It looks really great and there are not really spoilers in there. Oh man, I am so excited! The promo makes you really long for more!

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Sep. 11th, 2007

[SPN S3] Spoiler Pics

Oh, I just found a few pics of Supernatural Season 3. Take a look if you dare, it's nice!

Spoiler for Supernatural Season 3 )

First seen here│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Sep. 6th, 2007

New SPN Season 3 promo stills

Behind the cut are some pretty promo stills from SPN Season 3! Our guys look so damn hot!

Beware, promo stills SPN Season 3 )