June 2021



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My very first brush

Today I experimented a bit with my image program and I actually created my very first fractal-based brush! Have a look:

Mini version:

mini winged swirl - reijamira

Big version:
winged swirl - reijamira

I called it "winged swirl". You can use it as a brush or a texture to create pictures, icons or for your layout. The background is transparent, meaning when you put it on a black background for example you will only see the colored parts. This one looks better on a white or a light background, though. :)

I actually had lots of fun creating this one and I'm sure I will make more of these brushes.

+ If you want to use it, comment, credit and enjoy! &hearts
+ Don't hotlink.
+ Feedback is appreciated. &hearts


Wow, you actually did it! You really made me curious when you told me you tested your creativity. Anyway I was surprised.

I like your very first brush (looks great) and hope you'll create some more.

Just one question: What image program did you use? (I'm experimenting with Photoshop but still call me a newbie)
Thanks a lot! I wish I would have photoshop. As you can see when putting this very flawless brush on a darker background there's all that ugly filth I don't know how to get rid of. I think PS could help me with that. My image program is called Apohysis, it's a simple but useful tool!

I will definitely make more brushes, after all I'm enjoying it, but I hope I find a way to solve the filth issue. It really messes up the brushes.
congratulations woman, it's awesome!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Oh and what do I see there! You have a Jared icon!! Finally! Congrats!! *&hearts you and the icon*
did you see it??? I'm going to make more icons to put here. And trying with layout but I have some problems (argh) but I'll fix it.
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