June 2021



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My first asylum!

Yesterday I created my first asylum: [info]jaredp_fans. It's an asylum for all the Jared Padalecki fans out there.

Creating an asylum isn't really that difficult! Only setting up a proper layout, writing rules and stuff like that is a little bit tricky, but I like tricky things! :)

Anyway, I was wondering if someone knows where to pimp my asylum? Any suggestions? Also, I can't seem to find a setting section where I can enable/disable the tags-function so that members will be able/not able to add tags on their own! Does anyone know where I can find this section?

ETA 08-20-2007 @ 3:08am: The problem is now solved! Information on how to set the tag function for asylums can be found here. Thanks to [info]mllesatine for providing the link and [info]das_dingsi for giving such a useful piece of information!


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