June 2021



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A Pimp for [info]redscorner

[info]redscorner suffers from two neurological disorders and needs brain surgery. But she's neither insured nor employed and she lives in the US. It's impossible for her to pay that much money for the surgeries. Now she's uploaded a tiny thank you letter to Megaupload and asks people to download it because when it has been downloaded 5 million times by different people she will get $10,000 from Megaupload as a reward. This will cost you only one minute of your time, so go ahead and help her please. As far as I know she's not a sock puppet, she's a real person with real need for help. So let's help her!

Download her tiny thank you letter. It's 100% virus-free.

Also read her original request for help.

And pimp it out so that more people can download her letter.

ETA 09-24-07 @ 00:14 [info]redscorner has posted a Thank-You Post including further information, here.

ETA 09-24-07 @ 20:31 [info]redscorner made another Thank-You post, in which she assures she is not a sock puppet or a con or something like that. I believe her, she just doesn't seem like a puppet.

ETA 09-27-07 @ 21:31 In this and this post she speaks about the increasing downloads and her gratitude.

In this post she informs us that people get errors when trying to download, for example it says the file is temporarily not available. So redscorner created mirrors, but she asks to try the original link first because she's getting extra points for every download.

Also, here, redscorner made a poll in which she asks whether to create an extra asylum/journal for the project or not.

Redscorner also created a community over at the other site that shall not be named, it's called projectdownload. Check it out and join!

ETA 09-28-07 @ 18:43 [info]redscorner posted a FAQ post over in her community projectdownload.

ETA 09-29-07 @ 00:22 There is now also an Insanejournal asylum up and running, called [info]projectdownload where you can get all the up-to-date-news, information etc. concerning the project.
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You, my darling, are amazing. For keeping this post updated and making new posts and the general encouragement. For every one person calling me a fraud, there are ten of people like you helping me keep my head high. Thank you, for all you've done and all you continue to do.
Thank you! &hearts

But you don't have to thank me for what I do. :) I really enjoy pimping this, this way people won't forget about it.

And ignore what those rude people say! They're just trouble-makers!

*hugs you* And keep your head high!


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