June 2021



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November 17th, 07 will be my day!!

First things first:

In case you haven't noticed, [info]redscorner has posted a Thank-You Post including further information on the whole thing, here, and another Thank-You post, in which she assures she is not a sock puppet or a con or something like that. I believe her, she just doesn't seem like a puppet.

More information can be found HERE, which I keep updated regularly.

Don't forget to download her letter.


On a completely different thing!

November 17th, 2007 will be my day! My great happy day! I don't care if it snows, is freezing cold, rains cats and dogs, is stormy like hell or the world ends just at that moment! Why? Because today my friends and me got our tickets for the European Championship qualifier GERMANY vs. Cyprus! Yaaaaay! Me going to see OUR team play!! OH. MY. GOD!!!! That's unbelievable! I'm so excited about this! We actually got tickets! Whew!! Awesome!


You lucky bitch, you! Well, chances that the national team is going to play in our lovely little stadium (called Kurt-Wabbel-Stadion - says it all, doesn't it?) are next to non-existent.

Well, let's hope the elite of the national team turns up and plays. And let's hope they don't play like they did against Romania.

And take a bunch a pics please!!!
You lucky bitch, you!


Yeah, Cyprus is not as strong as Wales, for example! I really hope the elite will play! Yay! I will take pictures, of course!
Whohoo! That's great! Have any more tickets for me? ;)
Tell me if one of you can't go, but as far as I know you, you even would go with a deathly fever. Hm!

Have fun!
Hahah, I'll tell you immediately, but I'm afraid even Anna and Chrissie would go with a deathly fever! Hah!

Thank you! I will!
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