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[info]reijamira wrote
on September 30th, 2007 at 03:09 pm

[ATG Fic Rec]: "The Winter Comes" by proskynesis

TITLE: The Winter Comes
AUTHOR: proskynesis
AUTHOR’S LJ Name: proskynesis
FANDOM: Alexander The Great
PAIRING: Hephaestion/Alexander
GENRES: slash
WARNINGS: other than it is slash, none
RATING: NC-17 (that is, sex: oral and intercrural) (given by the author)
TIME FRAME: Winter, 327 B.C. (given by the author)
WORDS: approx 5,045
SUMMARY: Winter, 327 B.C., the Macedonian base camp at Nautaca. Spitamenes and Dataphernes are dead and the rebellion has been put down, but there are more battles to be fought. (Summary given by the author.)
LINK TO FIC: The Winter Comes

NOTE: First fic from ALXANDER THE GREAT fandom I've ever reced. Second fic from ATG fandom I've ever read.

"Yes. I have been thinking, if they do the bow – the short bow, that is – and the kiss, then approach me and receive a kiss in return... A kiss to recognize them as equals, as in Macedon. They cannot argue so much with a kiss for a kiss, at least. It would make sense to the Persians and Sogdians as well. And I would let them all know beforehand. It really would just be a ceremony. Not a big one, maybe a small drinking party with the high command and some others. Just to get them used."

Hephaestion considered. He knew there was no use arguing. "If you must do anything, then that would probably be best. I shall talk with Anaxarchus. He can arrange something." He drained his cup and stared at the tabletop while the fire spat some more. "I shall be first, though?"

"Of course. When are you otherwise?"

"Then I had best start practising, I suppose." He smirked, then stood. "I should go. Doubtless everyone will have been rushing around the city trying to run me to ground for this past hour so they can discuss supplies and billeting. Do you want anyone sending in to you?"

Alexander did not answer. He was staring after Hephaestion strangely, his eyes bright with the fire and something else.

"What is it?"

"Practice once now. For me."

This fic is great. It's about Hephaestion and Alexander talking about a proper method to get the Persian people to accept Alexander as their king. It starts out as a "formal" conversation between Alexander and Hephaestion and soon becomes more personal.

This fic is well written and well thought out. I like the way Proskynesis wove the famous unresolved sexual tension that we all know all too well from the movie into the story. It makes it more believable. The historical facts and the way Proskynesis writes her story create an authentic atmosphere so that the reader actually has the feeling he's somewhere in the room with Alexander and Hephaestion.

The interaction between those two is beautiful, it feels natural. Both are men, three dimensional characters and they are IC.

I like the way Proskynesis let Alexander's position as the king and therefore as Hephaestion's commander act like a tease. It's very sexy.

The sex scene itself is also believable. The way Proskynesis let them end up in bed is very deftly planned. It warms my heart seeing those two in bed, knowing that they love each other so deeply. I love it that Hephaestion is the top here, I always imagined him to be the one who takes Alexander and it's hot.

So, go and read it! I'm sure you won't regret it.

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