June 2021



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Ramblings about the German SPN Dub

Yesterday Pro 7, a German TV-station, aired Supernatural (German dub). It was the first time SPN has been aired on free-tv. I watched it even though I knew the dub is awful. The voices are too boyish, soft and, in case of Sam and Dean, sound too much alike. Watch a two minutes clip of 1.17 "Hell House" here if you dare.

Curious as I am I've looked the German dub up on YouTube some time ago. As far as I know 1.03 "Dead In The Water" is fully uploaded there. There are also a few short clips from various episodes.

It is really bad. Especially since Dean and Sam have the same dub voices like two characters from the anime "Dragon Ball (Z)". I used to be a HUGE fan of DB(Z). And after more than 400 episodes the characters (and their voices) get really stuck in your mind. Every time I hear German!Dean talk I think of Tenchinhan and every time I hear German!Sam talk (my Sammy *whines*) I think of Kururin. And believe me, that is so not nice!

Another point is the translation itself! I was curious how they would translate BITCH and JERK. And they translated it to IDIOT and SCHLAMPE. Now, that's horrible. You don't say "Schlampe" to a man in Germany! At least not in the way it is meant to be in SPN. And JERK is not really "Idiot" in German. I would have translated BITCH to "Mistkerl" and JERK to "Spinner". I asked my friend Anna today, who only knows the German dub, how she liked the SCHLAMPE thing and she said she actually had to laugh! Mmh, I can't laugh about that. In fact it's rather sad.

Next HUGE mistake was MULLETROCK. They actually translated it to "Friseurmusik" (literal: barber music). No one knows Friseurmusik. I've never heard a term like this. Even Anna found it rather strange.

But all in all she said she liked it. Then again she never saw the original version which is a million times better. I soooo love Sam and Dean's original voices. Such beautiful deep manly voices. Especially Sam's. Because when he gets all angry or just a little bit louder it's like he roars. Such a deep DEEP bass. :) SEXY. And the German voice? It's school boy like! Ewww, when Sam screams or gets louder it sounds so strange.

And Dean? He lost his charm! Now German!Dean sounds very arrogant! And we all now Original!Dean is NOT arrogant.

However, after I watched the German dub I re-watched it in English and then, later that night I watched the rerun of the German dub. (Yeah, I'm that masochistic!)

I know I will tune in again next Monday when the second episode will be aired. Don't ask me why.


After watching the tv ads, I was really torn between watching it out of loyalty and sparing myself the German version. In the end, I decided to watch a dvd instead, and judging by your commentary, that was certainly much better for my blood pressure. I agree with pretty much everything you said - especially Dean's voice, which sounds much too bland for his character.

Not sure about the "bitch" = "Mistkerl" suggestion, though, because it's a gendered slur and Mistkerl is rather neutral in comparison.

"Friseurmusik", however, is inexcusable. *sighs*


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Re: P.S.

LOL! Lustiges Icon! Hast du das gemacht?

Re: P.S.

*nick* mal eben spontan... :D (Ich benutz' es aber nicht, ich arbeite noch an einem generellen "Dean does not approve"-Icon...)

Re: P.S.

Ja, man sieht ja immer nur "Dean approves" -icons. :)

Es ist echt schwer eine gute und treffende deutsche Übersetzung für "bitch" zu finden, aber "Schlampe" ist es auf keinen Fall! Sam ist keine Schlampe!!!

Ich würde sagen, dass "Schlampe" Bitch noch am nächsten kommt. Spontan hätte ich es mit Miststück übersetzt.

Ich bin weit weg von deutschem TV. :)
Friseurmusik, tse! Ich kann es einfach nicht glauben, dass sie das so übersetzt haben.

Zu den Stimmen: Ich wünsche mir mehr deutsche Synchronsprecher mit tiefen Stimmen. Warum haben sie grade die Stimmen von Kuririn und Tenshinhan genommen? Ich denke da auch eher an die geballte Glatzenpower als an das sexy Brüderpaar.
Ja, echt schlimm!

Mahhahaha "geballte Glatzenpower". Der war gut!

Echt, die Stimmen sind so schlimm! Ich würde aber in diesem Fall eh immer die Originalstimmen bevorzugen, weswegen ich wahrscheinlich so an den Synchro-Stimmen rumnörgele!
Ew. Seriously. I refused to watch the German version 'cause I knew it would be horrible and see? see? I was right. God.
I am so not watchign that, ever. In the history of ever. No way. Gah. Disgusting. There's a reason I hate German TV...
I agree with everything you said, but it's so hard to know our boys are on TV no matter how crappy the dub is or if it is only in b/w or if there's no sound, they are still our boys. And to bo honest, I couldn't fight the urge to tune in.
Urgh. No. Just no. I refuse to watch German TV, be it our boys or anything else. I can't stand it. I can watch our boys on my computer, nice and English and all. I don't need German TV, thank you very much.

I actually really hate German TV.
Yes, I know. German TV sucks! I rarely watch TV and when, I only watch the news. I hate German TV too, they suck so much. All the ads drive me crazy!
I don't think I can even remember the last time I watched German TV. Nope. Definitely can't.

I used to be... sort of okay with German TV. I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it quite as much as I do now. Then came Ireland and hearing the original voices and ever since, German TV disgusts me. It actually does. But then, I also like English better than German as a language, so that might play a part, too. Among other things.

I don't really care for the ads. They actually sorta amuse me. Though, it's not like I'm up to date with them *shrugs*

Here via meta_roundup

I'm so happy we don't dub in Denmark - I wouldn't want to hear any of my shows with Danish voices, gah! (Also, as far as I know, studies show children learn to read faster/better if shows are subtitled, not dubbed, so it puzzles me the practice is still the norm in some places.)

Re: Here via meta_roundup

Hi! Great that you came over here. :)

Usually in Germany everything is dubbed, if not, it's only the movies/shows etc that are not so famous that are aired in the original version with subtitles. (But then again, they don't air those on the more common TV-stations.)

On the one hand, I understand that dubs are better to watch for people who don't care whether they see the original (which is often better quality) or not. And not everyone likes to read subtitles when they come home after work and want to relax whilst watching TV. I understand that.

But on the other hand, as you said, I can imagine it's actually a lot easier for children to learn to read and they get interested in other languages.

I think if I had watched my favorite TV-shows in English with subtitles on TV, I would have developed my interest in that language a lot earlier than I actually have. Because, if those shows were only aired in the original language with subtitles you, would want to watch them nonetheless, because you like those shows. That's like learning vocabulary but with having lots of fun.

Re: Here via meta_roundup

And not everyone likes to read subtitles when they come home after work and want to relax whilst watching TV. I understand that.
See, I don't :o) ! I'm not saying it's wrong, but coming from a culture where there were always subtitles on foreign shows, never dubbing, the idea of "not wanting to read subtitles" is almost beyond my comprehension :o)

(I will say, though, that more and more children's cartoons are dubbed today, and I have no doubt it will influence reading levels :o/)


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