June 2021



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My very first animated icon (gif)

Whew, I just made my first animated icon! :)

It's from SPN 3.03 BDABR the I LOST MY SHOE scene.

I put it behind a cut because of possible spoilers.

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Unfortunately I had to alter the quality of it in order to resize it to 40K. (The original had 490K.) And Sam is also a bit unclear, but I think it will suffice. :) He's so cute!

In case you want to snag it, go ahead and do so, but please credit me!

I will work on a few other animations. After all, I want to become better!

Tell me what you think, I love constructive feedback! It helps a lot!


Oh, congratulations on your first animated icon! I love the "lost shoe" scene.

Your icon is very nice, I like the black field which is like a frame around the animation. However, I think some decoration (like a brush) would be a good choice. The black part seems very static and needs some elements to dissolve this.

Anyway: &hearts!
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback you gave me! &hearts

Actually the black field is some kind of frame. It's a border/frame-texture.

I, as well, think that the black field needs some decoration, maybe a squished text brush or something. But then again, I also like it that clean and simple. Mhh, I was thinking about changing the text a bit.

Thanks again for your feedback!
You are welcome!
That scene was just so fucking adorable *flails*
Oh yeah, it so was!!! :)

*goes to rewatch 3.04*
*snickers* Yeah, I'm watching 3.04 at the moment. 's pretty brilliant ♥
Again YES it is!! God, I want more!! Can it be Friday again?
*laughs* Yeah, that's a good question. Should be Friday again. But no... There's this thing called week inbetween my weekends *pouts*

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