June 2021



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Two cute pics of Jared and Jensen: Jared's doing it again

OMG!!! People, I just had --- strike that, I'm still having a major squee fit because of those pictures that runedgirl just posted!! You know that Jared and Jensen are at the ChicagoCon this weekend. And runedgirl is one of those lucky fans who's also there. And she took the cutest pics of Jared and Jensen...

Look, how Jared just can't take his hands off Jensen. And Jensen is all used to it as it seems!! Look:

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view!)

ETA 2007-11-11 @ 17:14 So, in case you want to know why exactly Jared always hugs Jensen like that, missyjack has the answer: Jared aka the Pada-Sloth.

Thanks to runedgirl for those incredible sweet pics!!|x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans



Hear me squeeing!! It's so adorkable!! Go check my ETA out!! You will laugh like mad!
"Pada-sloth spends most of his life hanging upside-down from Jensen Ackles" :D

OH SO CUTE! I love them! They were the reason I was awake til 3 am today, and I had to get up at 6 am! Heh, I'm obsessed!
Sure you are. *pets you* *processed to climb on you and hang upside down*

I like your icon!
*pets you* *processed to climb on you and hang upside down*


Thanks, I love that icon muchly! :)
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