June 2021



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Chicago Con reports

I totally snagged this from softcake_70 but I will try to continue it on my own.

There are already some awesome reports out there with pics, stories etc. from people who where at the Chicago Con and got to see Jared and Jensen in all their adorkable glory!! Here are the first of those reports:

+ runedgirl shares awesome and cute pics and her impressions.

+ ckll squeed in her journal.

+ _sin_attract posted photos and her awesome report in her journal.

+ The CW Source made an update and another one and one more.

+ jewels667 tells her part of the story.

+ tinkabell007 posted lots of cute and awesome pictures.

+ _sin_attract uploaded the most adorable VIDEO which is about 17 minutes long. She also posted part 2 of her impressions.

+ [info]yourlibrarian posted Q&A transcrips from the Con for Sam Ferris (Ellen), Frederic Lehne (YED) and Jared & Jensen.

+ saturn92103 wrote a nice report.

+ runedgirl uploaded the short scene in which Jared talks about that time where Jensen touched his face in public because he had something on his cheek, which both found kind of awkward, to youtube.

+ orlis_rr_girl wants to know what exactly Jared said about Milo Ventimiglia. (Read the comments on this post too!)

+ _sin_attract posted her pics and the ones of her friends from the shooting with Jared and Jensen.

+ As I reported in this post, here is the fanvid "Supernatural - Charlie The Unicorn" that Jared and Jensen found so funny.

+ saturn92103 posted the video in which Jared & Jensen accept momentos from the Green Berets.

+ efh shared pics of Fred, Sam, Jared and Jensen at TWOP.

+ c-cfan posted her review and a few photos from the Con.

+ _sin_attract posted her write-ups for Saturday Con (Part 1) - Picspam and Videos and Saturday Con (Part 2)...Nick Brendon, Steve's concert - Picspam and Video.

+ caithream has her review up with lots of photos.

+ Another review with pics and videos from runedgirl.

+ _sin_attract posted a whole lot of videos from Jared and Jensen's panels.

+ tehjules posted 24 pics from the Con.

Videos on YouTube

+ Jensen coming out to his Q&A
+ Jensen during his Q&A
+ Jared hugs Jensen - Again!
+ Fredric Lehne singing Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones
+ Jared and Jensen are offered money to strip

+ Also check out Superwiki for more reports, stories and stuff.

Here is a cute pic courtesy of _sin_attract:

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view!)

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