June 2021



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New layout and birthday wishes

Ah finally I finished working on this layout. Took me 2 days! The basic codes are by the talented passing_girl @ LJ.

I applied the layout to my LJ at first, then, because I quickly fell in love with it, I wanted to have it here at my IJ as well. Only problem was that passing_girl wrote this layout for Smooth Sailing. Here I use Flexible Squares, which I grew really quite fond of.

And I didn't want to switch my IJ back to Smooth Sailing either, because Smooth Sailing tends to mess up the comment page whenever a thread gets rather long. Some time ago I found a great code for Flexi Squares to pretend this on s2flexisquares @ LJ. I'd rather not miss out on these codes.

Well, as it was, I had to re-write passing_girl's codes so that they would work for my Flexi Squares layout.

What a strain but it was worth it! Now I have a new and very shiny layout which fits so perfectly to my Sam and Dean header. Awww and the sidebar. I love it. I never had a layout like this before. Whoot!

But enough with the incomprehensible babble, on to more important things.

Today I want to wish two of my friends a very happy birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear [info]mllesatine and [info]pkabyssinian!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Party hard, guys! :)


Thank you! So far today has been just amazing.
I'm glad to hear that! Hope it gets even better!
lovely layout ;)
Thanks a lot honey!
Danke für den lieben Geburtstagsgruß! Habe ihn leider etwas spät gesehen, weil ich ja kein Internet hatte.

Wieder ein neues Layout! Ich mag diese Farbe des Balkens.
Macht nix, dafür hast du ihn jetzt gesehen. Besser zu spät als nie!

Ja, ich mag das Layout auch sehr gern!

Wieder ein neues Layout! Ich mag diese Farbe des Balkens.

Die Farbe des Balkens! Muahahah. Es ist die Sidebar! ;)


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