June 2021



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[15 Icons]: Patrick Wolf, Jared Leto, Stock Icons

I decided to post my new batch today. Yeah, I know, yesterday I said it would take me at least 2 more days, but I was bored and so here it is. The Patrick Wolf icons were requested by ogirlie, but they are shareable. :) I really hope you like them!

And as of now, Jared Leto is number two of my all time favorite stars. Number one is another Jared, of course! xD

[01-09] Stock icons: animals, food, landscapes
[10-12] Patrick Wolf
[13-15] Jared Leto


We wanna tease.

Stock icons: animals, food, landscapes:

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009

Patrick Wolf:

010 011 012

Jared Leto:

013 014 015

- Most of these images were found at flickr.comveer.comgettyimages.comdailypets and babyanimalz.com

+ Resources
+ If you take something, please comment. ♥
+ Credit me.
+ Textless icons are no bases.
+ Feedback is highly appreciated.
+ Don't hotlink.

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Uh, I like #2, but the Jared Leto icons are great, too. The one with the picture in the picture in the picture is fascinating. :)
You like #2? Didn't know you would like the hooves. :)

But thanks for the compliment on the Jared icon. I wanted to be a bit more creative and created different icons, and that's what came out of it.
Stole #15 of the Jared Leto ones. Gorgeous!

and btw I love your icon. Padackles!
Thank you! :) And enjoy Jared! He's so sexy! :D

Aww, yeah Padackles ftw!!
I took all of the "stock icons" and 14. Thank you! I've been looking for nice icons with animals and just what ever in them.. and most what I've seen have been just people. Though the Jared Leto icon was too nice not to take xD

Will credit when use, of course :)
Aw thanks for your nice comment! I'm glad you liked the stocks so much that you took all at once! *beams*

And Jared is of course TEH SEXINESS! :)
took #9 :)
Thanks for the comment! Enjoy! ^__^
took some of those and checked the other icon posts too and snatched few stock icons<3 you really make pretty icons ^__^

thanks :D
I'm glad to hear that you like my icons! Thank you! Enjoy and you're very welcome! :)
Love your icons! Snagging : 01, 06, 08, &14. Will credit. XD
Aww thank you! I hope you enjoy!
I most definitely will! Keep up the good work!

taking number 3 :-)
Aw, glad you like it! Enjoy! And thanks for commenting! :)
Taking and crediting for number 12! :)
Thank you for commenting! Enjoy! :)
Taking 6, 7, 14 and 15. Will credit when used!
I'm glad you found something you like! Enjoy and thanks for commenting!