June 2021



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Sad moment!

Heath Ledger is dead! :((((((( Read more here. OMG!!


I can't believe it. It's so unreal. :'(
Yeah, I know! I thought it was a bad joke! Because the post I first read about it was all like "Heath Leadger is dead" ... no link, no explanation, nothing. And then I googled it and it was true! It's so sad, I feel like crying!
It's so sad! He was only 28!
I woke up today to see all these entries about his death on my flist - it is terrible!
Yeah, it came so completely out of the blue. I was writing on my paper yesterday, and to take a break, I checked my flist and the first thing read was this! There was no explanation at all, and I thought this is a really bad joke, but then I googled it and it was true. I'm still so shocked, he was too young to die!
Yeah, it DOES seem so horribly tragic!
Kristin told me when she came back from checking her mails. And I was like: Yeah, right.
This is really really sad and tragic. And than because of sleeping pills. What a tragedy.
I think his last movie is a Bob Dylan bio-pic where he plays Dylan in a movie.


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