June 2021



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Bleach and Death Note = new fandoms

Thanks to my dear friend [info]only_gremo I'm currently terribly obsessed with two animes: Bleach and Death Note. It's been awhile since I've last been this obsessed with an anime. I think the last two animes I've been fangirling over were Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing of which the latter is still one of my main fandoms. But now - thanks again Gremo - I've got two new fandoms. :)

I've not yet finished watching Bleach and Death Note. But I'm getting there!

Anyway, since I'm so in love with Bleach I wanted to make some icons of it. So I went searching for screencaps, but, dude believe it or not, it's damn hard to find some. Really, I'm not kidding here! I couldn't for the life of me find screencaps from all the episodes, especially episode 01. That's why I made my own caps and since Bleach screencaps are so rare, I want to share them. In fact, I'm planning on making caps from each episode. But for now here are the caps from episode 01.

Bleach Episode 01 Screencaps:



ZIP FILE (88,56 MB's)


(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

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I so hope you'll create some nice Bleach icons. I am getting all nostalgic when looking back on when I started watching Bleach for the first time (That's a crappy sentence. Double "when"? Please ignore it!)

It's cool that you did some screencaps. Maybe I'll take them and once again try creating my own icons (but I fear my notebook will huff and puff until it breaks down).

I so hope you'll create some nice Bleach icons.

I hope so as well, I still haven't got a decent Bleach icon for my IJ here.

I love you for transferring all the BLEACH episodes to my external hard drive, if you hadn't done I'd never have watched it! But it all started with your Death Note post! I watched the first episode of Death Note and it was amazing and since the DL for the second episode took so damn long I watched Bleach and et voila -- there I got hooked! :)

Thanks! Since I'm making icons of Bleach I need those caps anyway, so I thought I'd share them.

Thanks for commenting, hon! It's always appreciated!

I hope you get your new notebook soon and then you can also make pretty icons.