June 2021



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BLEACH goodies: 10 icons/animations & screencaps

Yesterday I changed my layout. I really needed a change and I was in the mood for a darkish layout. So I made myself one. I'm pretty satisfied with it. For the background I wanted to have some sort of texture and after fiddling around with the PS filters I came up with something that looked fancy enough for my liking. I was a bit sad that I couldn't use the black font color for my entries because when I tested it it was really difficult to read people's posts. So I had to change it to a lighter grey that is much better on the eye and I really like it that way. If you took a look tell me what you think, would you? :)

Today I made some animated icons. I always wanted to learn how to make those. It was really fun working on the gif's. I intend to make more in the future. This time there are only three of them and all are from Bleach. Bleach is such an icon-able anime. I remembered those two scenes from the earlier episodes where Renji and Ichigo had those awesome slashy moments (Well they have them quite often in my opinion. *g*) and I always wanted to icon these scenes. I hope you like the results as much as I do.

And last but not least I also want to share my Bleach screencaps from episode 02, 03 and the Opening & Ending caps part 1.

It's Bleach goodie time. ^__^

First of the screencaps.

Bleach Episode 02 Screencaps:




Bleach Episode 03 Screencaps:




Bleach Opening & Ending #1:




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And now on to the icons.

Bleach icons:

[01-07] Bleach
[08-10] Bleach (animations)


We like to tease.

Bleach icons/animations:

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009

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I love your icons. You are getting better and better with PS. I am really envious. *throws her own notebook out of the window, because it rebels against PS*

My favourites this time are #003, #005 and of course #009.
#003 because I really like Rukia. She is so tough.
#005 because Ichigo is a hottie and I like it, when he lies down on his bed with Renji to muse. The version with text is better, not so much empty space.
#009 is obvious. I love it! &hearts The slow motion effect on this icon is priceless. I totally know what Ichigo is thinking in that moment. :)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliment! Hopefully your new PC will let you work with PS once again! That reminds me, I still have to submit my icon for the SPN LIMS...awwwww

You are so good

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