June 2021



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SPN Newsletter for fannish stuff on IJ?!

Yesterday I followed a link from the recent issue of [info]meta_roundup to a post by [info]morgandawn in which she raises the question whether there is "any interest in a supernatural newsletter that will cover not only LJ but also JF and IJ supernatural fic and art".

On reading this, I felt compelled to put in my two cents' worth. There already exists a community that covers fannish content here on IJ called [info]spn_newsletter, created on 2007-08-08. Currently it has 53 members and 96 watchers, and unfortunately it hasn't been updated since the day it was created. Meaning except for two introductory posts there has never been an actual newsletter to begin with. And as far as I can tell the two maintainers seemed to have abandoned IJ.

It's really sad in my opinion. I love the SPN newsletter on LJ, it comes in handy if you want to keep track of all the lovely fanart, fanfics and so on posted around there. I know SPN fandom on IJ is not as big and active as on LJ, but at least it's not dead. It's here, it's living and it needs more attention.

To be honest, I've entertained the idea of creating a newsletter community for IJ some time ago when I noticed that [info]spn_newsletter still hadn't updated and fandom around here had grown more active. I know SPN fandom here is not comparable to SPN fandom on LJ, but I think a SPN newsletter on a weekly (or maybe bi-weekly) basis would be great.

I'm also aware of how much effort it is to hunt for appropriate links, as well as editing and all the lovely stuff that comes with it for the actual newsletter. But, oh well, I'm crazy enough happy to volunteer to be an editor. But I don't want to do this all alone. I need at least 2 or 3 people who are willing to help.

So that's why I ask you to fill out the poll. I know you want to anyway. :)

Poll #1041 Spn newsletter for IJ
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A SPN newsletter for IJ...

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sounds awesome. We so need one!
20 (100.0%)

is great but really not needed.
0 (0.0%)

is total crap.
0 (0.0%)

If there were a SPN newsletter what would you do? (You can check more than one box.)

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I'd watch it, of course!
20 (95.2%)

I'd want to collect links.
4 (19.0%)

I'd want to become an editor.
2 (9.5%)

Nothing, don't want a newsletter.
0 (0.0%)

I tell you in the comments.
2 (9.5%)

To get back to the original question, do you think it's better to cover not only SPN related content on IJ but also on LJ and JF as well?

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Yes, that would be great actually.
9 (47.4%)

Nah, I think a newsletter for IJ is enough.
8 (42.1%)

I tell you in the comments.
4 (21.1%)

Ticky boxes...

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Huh, ticky -- what?
2 (10.5%)

2 (10.5%)

I'd rather have a cookie now.
10 (52.6%)

Box box box <333
5 (26.3%)

2 (10.5%)

3 (15.8%)

Yaaaaahoooo :)
6 (31.6%)

And it would be great if you could pimp this out! I'd like to know your thoughts on this matter. *is very interested*


I made this comment over at [info]morgandawn's IJ and she suggested I post it here as well. If you want to start newsletter posts, the [info]roadhouse could be used for that. I went looking at SPN communities here a few weeks ago and most had had at best a few posts and those were back around October. A few are getting some regular posts, but at least some are cross posts. If there's a lot of posting going on, it must be at individual journals and not at the community level. I've also seen few if any comments to the posts, so I suspect people believe no one's looking at what's getting posted either, though I don't think that's true.

What might be easier and less time consuming than a newsletter would be a noteboard, with a round-up community posting every few days (or every week depending on activity). That would provide both a place for people to browse, and also a newsletter type post for people who just wanted one update on their flist.
If you want to start newsletter posts, the [info]roadhouse could be used for that.

That sounds really good. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm really not so sure yet about where exactly the newsletter should be posted. A community for it seems to be the best idea, but your suggestion with the noteboard sounds great as well.

Do you imagine the noteboard to be a community that links to the fannish content just like the newsletter would, and that can be browsed by special tags like "icons" "fanart" etc. And with "updates" do you mean that people are informed about what has been recently added to the archive?

If so, I would totally go for it! Seems like an awesome idea to me.
Several fandoms have noteboard style communities with round-up posts. One example is here:http://community.livejournal.com/whedonverse_nb/ with its round-up community here: http://community.livejournal.com/whedon_updates/

The noteboard functions as a catch-all, everything from announcements and recs to creative content. And sure, broad tags could be used to organize material so that the noteboard could be searched as well.

What makes this easier for the round-up posts is that editors don't have to go searching for material, they simply collate what's been posted that week (or depending on activity, every day). So a post could easily be made in half an hour and you'd probably only need 1 or 2 people to do it.

The drawback, of course, is that the community has to be widely publicized and posting there encouraged. But especially on a site like IJ where there's not much activity, having a central place makes even more sense since there doesn't seem to be much traffic at specialized communities (and people can always crosspost).

But yes, if you decide to take this on, I'd be glad to offer the roadhouse either for newsletter posts or as the round-up community to the noteboard, since its intent was always as a notification service. It's a pity that the newsletter name is locked up for now. I know there was a purge on usernames recently but I don't know if that extended to asylums.
Ooh, I was going to suggest getting in contact with the Roadhouse as well, I think that's a good idea.
Okay, I know I said I'd tell you things in comments, but I have to run off to class. *SPN is ruining my education* I'll comment further in a few hours.
Hahah, too funny! Take your time and have fun at class! I'll wait for your comment! :)
Okay, so a newsletter would be awesome. I don't really remember what I clicked for all my answers, so I'll just tell you all of my comments here :)

I would watch/love/obsess at a newsletter of course, and I would also be able to collect links I think... and maybe editing? Although I don't really know what they would entail. I've never helped with a newsletter before- but I'm quick to learn if someone told me what to do!

I would like to read things about SPN on other journaling sites, but I wouldn't be able to gether any links, etc. from JF, as I do not have an account there.

Oh, and ticky boxes- totally fun. ;)
I just posted about the effort in my LJ with a link here.

if you do go the notice board route instead of a newsletter, I suggest an intensive 2 week promotion period so people know the community exists, along with a monthly cross-posting announcement. I've seen several communities/board fail because of lack of promotion. But when people know where they are and are reminded where they are, they can work.
I think it would be nice to have both IJ and JF links. Not LJ, though, as there is a quite good newsletter, and even if you are only in IJ, you can always RSSD that.
Going to participate! Of course I'm interested! :) Thanks for the head up!

Getting back to your other comment to this post soon!
Cool :)

And oh my gosh you have no idea how much I love that icon! That's one of my favourite episodes.
If there were a SPN newsletter what would you do?
I'd watch and pimp links I came across, if it looked like you hadn't caught them. I can't offer any more than that at this moment (and you wouldn't want me to - I'm already an editor of a fandom newsletter, and have ingrown ideas about how to run such things :oP).

do you think it's better to cover not only SPN related content on IJ but also on LJ and JF as well
That depends on whether you plan the newsletter to be all-inclusive (like I understand the LJ spnnewsletter is) or selective (weeding through the crap, and only posting links to the more interesting things out there). If all-inclusive, I don't think it makes sense to collect LJ links, and it'd be hard on the editors to keep up with all that work. (For the record, I'd lovelovelove a round-up of the better stuff posted on LJ!)

Lastly, you could consider contacting the [info]spn_newsletter mods to see if they'd be willing to hand over the comm to you (then you'd have 90+ readers to begin with) - at least when you have the newsletter set up, you should ask if they'd be willing to pimp it.
Hi, again - may I ask if you've thought more about this/have anything in the works yet :o) ?
I see a few mentions of a "selective" newsletter/rec community; just thought I'd voice my vote for an all-inclusive one.

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