June 2021



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Me is a deviant now and Bleach obsessed

Today, after months of lurking around deviantart I finally got myself an account there. I don't know why I'm always so hesitant to join a site I really like. It has been the same with last.fm actually or livejournal. Before I got myself an account there, I spent months using and searching through those sites.

Whenever I frequent a site more than three times a week it's usually clear that I will join it in the end. So I can't understand why I always wait months before I do it. *lol* Strange me!

However, the reason to finally join deviantart was a piece of art I came up with while experimenting a bit with PS yesterday. I wanted to try out a few brushes and some colors and filters and the result I ended up with was rather pretty in my opinion, I really couldn't delete it (which I originally intended). I showed it to [info]only_gremo and she said she liked it as well and she could imagine someone wanting to use it as a header or something. So I thought I could use my deviantart account (I'm also reijamira over there, I know I'm very inventive when it comes to names, heh) to share it.

I named it "Discovery" (Hah, again with the names) because Gremo said one can discover many things in it.

Take a look:

(Click on the thumbnail to get to my account and to view it in full size.)

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On another matter, I finally finished watching all episodes of Bleach there are so far (that makes 161). And I can only say if you are into anime and don't know Bleach yet, then you should consider watching it! I highly recommend it. It's awesome! Such an interesting plot! And so many sexy as hell characters! My two number one favorite charas are Kurosaki Ichigo, the main character, and Grimmjow Jaegerjaques an evil arrogant bastard. :) Those are just two characters I love but there are so many more. Have I mentioned that Bleach is my new fandom? Have I? I'm sure I have.

In case you are now curious as hell, here you can find more information on Bleach:

+ Wiki article about Bleach
+ bleachfan.de (German) Very good German site.
+ bleachportal.net (English) For everything Bleach related

I'm sure there are more sites out there but so far I've only checked out these ones. If you know one that I should know, please do tell me!



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