June 2021



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New layout and sharing a Grimmjow background

Whoohoo I finally finished working on my new Grimmjow themed layout! Har har. This time I used basic codes by minty_peach. In other words I took this particular layout and modified it to my wishes.

The biggest problem I had to work out, was how to get some of my backgrounds transparent. I tried it with opacity, but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to. That was where the LJ community s2flexisquares came in handy. I searched through it and found a helpful entry.

How to reach transparency on entry backgrounds:
Basically you can reach transparency by creating a color filled image in PS, setting it to 80% opacity and then lay it on top of a transparent background. Merge the layers, save it and upload it to an image hosting site and then use that image as a background. That's it. Really simple, ne?!

I only tested the layout in Firefox, my sister told me it looked fine in Opera too. I don't know what it looks like in other browsers though. That's why I'm asking you, if you use a different browser, could you please tell me if the layout looks like this or somehow wonky? That would be absolutely lovely of you!

Oh and I also made my very first wallpaper/background. I always wanted a Grimmjow layout and I loved that sexy silhouette!Grimm image ever since I first saw it, so I thought why not make a background from it.

I like to share:

Grimmjow Background/Wallpaper

Grimmjow wallpaper

Resolution: 1000x800

Click image to download or click HERE.

This was made with various brushes and layers in PS. I had a lot of fun working on it! :)

Bleach is property of the amazing Kubo Tite!

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Aww I'm glad to hear that! Sometimes my layouts look wonky in IE but I'm happy that this time it looks alright! :)

Great that you like the layout! :)