June 2021



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[20 icons]: Stock, Jared Leto, Alan Rickman, Edward Norton

It's been a while since I posted my last set of icons. I've been in a pretty creative mood lately, and made some icons, mostly stock ones because I love those, which I want to share. :) I'm quite proud of #1, #3, #7 and #13. I love the way they came out. Especially the coloring.
Btw, I snagged the "Tonight You" text for the Edward Norton icon from the LJ community capslock_spn. I don't know, but every time I see it it cracks me up like whoa.

Okay, now on to the goodies:

[01-15] Stock (pigs, big cats, kitten, wolves etc.)
[16-18] Jared Leto
[19-20] Miscell (1xAlan Rickman, 1xEdward Norton)


We aim to tease. :)


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15

Jared Leto:

16 17 18

Miscell - Edward Norton & Alan Rickman:

19 20

+ Resources
+ My graphic archive
+ Check out [info]seraphim_icons. :)
+ Icon Table Generator by 77 words @ LJ.
+ Most of the stock images were found at flickr.comveer.comgettyimages.comdailypets and babyanimalz.com.

+ Please comment when taking, because I love to know what you like! Comments inspire my Muse!♥
+ Credit me.
+ Textless icons are no bases.
+ Feedback is highly appreciated.
+ Don't hotlink.

How to credit me:
+ Click here.


Don't sweat the tags thing

This icons are gorgeous! 6 cracked me up! (the coloring is my favorite part)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them. #6 was quite a challenge because it's so simple. I actually had to keep myself from adding more brushes or textures to it. *lol*
MUST. HAVE. PUPPY! Aaaand various others, taking a handful of animals and Alan with credit!
*lol* I'm happy Alan found a new home! :) Thanks for commenting!
omg those ladybugs :DDD taking some of those<3 Gorgeous icons!

*lol* Glad you like them! And thanks a lot for commenting! &hearts
Adorable! Saving to memories! :)
I'm happy you like the icons. :) Thanks for the comment! &hearts
Hi! Taking 5, 8, 16 and 17! Will credit when used!
Hi! Glad you liked them! Enjoy! And thanks for telling me which one you took! :)
Snagged a couple. Will credit when used.
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