June 2021



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I eat, I crave and I lol :)

Yesterday my friend Anna and I went to our favorite Italian ice cream parlor the "Colosseum". The ice cream there is delicious! Usually I always take one of my 3 favorite sundaes, but yesterday I decided to choose something else entirely from the menu. I picked a "Spezial Becher" (translated to "Special Cup")which was awesome and tasted so very lusciously. My friend took her favorite "Himbeer Joghurt Eisbecher" (translated to "Raspberry Yogurt Sundae") which looked also very yummy. I had to take pictures of the sundaes before we ate them.

Click to enlarge.

"Himbeer Joghurt Eisbecher" ("Raspberry Yogurt Sundae")

"Spezial Becher" ("Special Cup")

Yesterday, while checking my LJ f-list, I found these pics at bale_daily:

Click to enlarge.

These pics are from "American Psycho". Don't you love them? Now I really crave Christian Bale, freshly showered and naked on my bed, patting the empty space besides him with a promising smile on his face. Boy, but that man has a precious behind and he looks hot from the front too!

I also saw this awesome banner from Batman: The Dark Knight on my f-list:

Click to enlarge.

And just now I can't freaking wait to watch that movie! I have a thing for evil characters, I really have. (Why would I love Grimmjow so much, if I hadn't? :D) From what I've seen from the Dark Knight trailers Heath Ledger did a great job playing the joker. He's intelligent, but mad, evil and deadly... Uhhh, I love it!!


Again, a few lulz-worthy pics I found on my f-list:

Click to enlarge.

Arnie is looking for a wife...

Where is Michael Jackson?

And just because:

Totally owned!! XD


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