June 2021



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[meme]: 7 of my interests and what they mean to me

I ganked this one from zanzoken. Instructions as follows:

Comment and I'll list 7 interests from your profile in a reply. Then you do an entry about what they mean and why you are interested in them.

Zanzoken picked the following interests:

1. Friedrich Schiller
3. Banana Fish
4. Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)
5. Hurt/Comfort (h/c)
6. Drarry
7. Jensen Ackles

My answers. Beware, some are somewhat lengthy, because I can't keep it short.

1. Friedrich Schiller
Friedrich Schiller (1788–1805), for those who don't know him, was a German poet, philosopher, historian, and dramatist (Read more on wiki). I first learned about him and his works back in school in my German lessons and I was instantly fascinated by him.

This fascination, however, quickly became admiration when I visited Das Schiller Haus ("Schiller's House") in Weimar during a school trip. The place where he'd been living from 1783 to the day he died on May 9, 1805. When I went through his house, the place he'd lived, worked and breathed in, and finally stood before his bed in which he died in agony because he was suffering from tuberculosis, I felt in awe. I admire this man, his works, his friendship with famous Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. And I felt sorry for him that he had to die so young at the age of 45.

MUCC is a Japanese rock band. I discovered them through last.fm. I really love their style. The music is sometimes heavy and crazy and sometimes slow and melancholic or even both. The lyrics are in Japanese, but what I can gather from the translations very poetical and beautiful. One of my favorite songs is "Kuchiki No Tou" (Watch/Listen.) It's a pretty long song and at the end lead singer Tatsurou screams very desperately. I love that scream so much! There are so many emotions in it! Just amazing!

3. Banana Fish
Banana Fish is a shōjo manga by Akimi Yoshida. The series ran from 1985 to 1994, which makes the drawing style rather old-school like. Some people found the style too old fashioned, which is probably one reason why it was canceled in Germany after only 7 volumes. That day broke my heart a bit because I loved (and still love) this series so very much. It's about a 17 year old gang leader called Ash whose brother dies from a mysterious drug called "Banana Fish". Now he tries everything to reveal the secret about that drug.

Ash is a really interesting character. I have a thing for strong-willed and highly intelligent characters, and Ash is one of them. Despite his terrible past (He was raped when he was only 7, and later on he had to sell his body in order to survive before he got away and founded his own gang. He also lost his brother and father.), he didn't lose it.

I also love his developing friendship with a Japanese guy called Eiji, who visited the States to make a photo report about street gangs. Eiji is completely different from Ash, he's never held a gun in his life, let alone killed someone. He gets stuck in the middle of the battle between Ash and a dangerous mafia leader, and I always found it interesting to see how he adjusted himself to the life Ash led. Besides, the slash/yaoi fan in me always wanted them to get together! :)

4. Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)
Means everything to me! Okay, not everything perhaps, but a lot! I'm a huge slash fan and therefore love to read a lot of smexy fan fics. I prefer longer, novel length fics over short and smutty fics, because, if they are well-written, well-crafted and well-characterized, I can enjoy the slow development of the relationship between (often male) character A and (male) character B to the full.

Add UST to that slow development between chara A and B and I'm a happy reader. UST means that you can feel the sexual tension between A and B, you know that they want to get into each others pants, they want to kiss each other so badly, they lust for each other, they want to have hot, steamy and passionate sex, but neither of them makes the first move. They dance around the topic like it would burn them if they get too close.

Imagine, during a fight, chara A angrily pushes chara B against a wall, faces only inches apart, they can feel their heavy breath on their skin, feel the body warmth of the other. You as the reader know they want to kiss and shag each other senseless, but there are other issues that prevent exactly that, for instance uncertainty or angst, and after they've been staring into each others eyes for a few moments, they let go of one another. Scenes like that are what make the UST, when it is finally resolved in a smutty scene, so damn sexy.

5. Hurt/Comfort (h/c)
A fan fic genre I love. But, sadly, it is often not well-translated in fics. All those great characters suddenly become out-of-character (OOC), they act like terrible cry babies, little sissies and engage in overly and insufferably sappy talk like "My heart, what have they done to you? or "Where does it hurt, my soul?" etc.

I like h/c so much because, when it is well-written where the characters stay in character (IC) for once, then it's really enjoyable.

H/c follows a simple pattern: chara A gets injured/hurt/sick and chara B has to take care of him.

This doesn't have to be a lethal injury or disease, in fact I like it more when it's just a high fever or when chara A had a near-death-experience, maybe he got shot at and survived with great luck and now has to recover from the injury.

I once wrote an entry about the whole h/c thing here. In this entry I described the aspect that fascinates me most about h/c as follows:

I think if one is confronted with the mortality and vulnerability of the other only then would he show his truest feelings. It's the aspect of recognizing how much the other really means to you, of recognizing how close you came to losing your beloved one which let's us express our deepest and innermost emotions. It's like you lose all your inhibitions at once and all you can do is acting on your raw emotions. And that's what I love about hurt/comfort!

Meaning, for instance, chara B loves chara A and vice versa, but both haven't confessed to each other yet. Now, chara A gets shot at and nearly dies, this is the moment when chara B realizes just how much chara A means to him, that he really came close to lose him forever, and that's when things start to slowly develop towards a sexual relationship. (Add UST and I'm an even happier reader! *lol*)

6. Drarry
Short form for the Harry Potter pairing Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, for those who aren't familiar with HP fandom. The first fanfic I've ever read was a Drarry fic, which makes me kinda nostalgic. Nowadays I prefer Snarry (Severus Snape/Harry Potter) over Drarry fics, but both pairings have something in common: their hate and animosity towards each other in canon.

I have a huge thing for hate relationships that slowly but steadily develop towards acceptance, respect and later attraction if not love. They don't say "there's a thin line between love and hate" for nothing.

7. Jensen Ackles
Smexy and charming actor first seen in the tv-series Supernatural where he plays the older Winchester brother Dean. I love his voice, his freckles, his humor, those awesome (slashy) moments he has with fellow actor Jared Padalecki just to tease the fangirls. Seriously, I like kind, friendly and humerus people. I think Jensen is awesome and a great actor.


That was quite enjoyable to read! I'm not a h/c fan, but the way you explain it, I understand why others love it so much. Also, mmmhhh, Jensen...
Thank you! And glad to know that my babbling could actually be understood! :)
Oh btw, I know you don't do memes, but I wanted to ask, if you want me to pick 7 of your interests?