June 2021



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[HP Fic Rec]: "The Gossip Files" by the_flic

TITLE: The Gossip Files
AUTHOR: the_flic
AUTHOR'S IJ NAME: [info]the_flic
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Snape/Harry
OTHER PAIRINGS: none, Draco+Pansy friendship
GENRES: slash, smut, humour
WARNINGS: none really, contains semi-public sex (is that a warning?)
TIME FRAME: Post DH, not epilogue compliant, Snape is alive, of course, adult!Harry
WORDS: approx 9,200
SUMMARY: When an anonymous newspaper becomes a regular feature at the Ministry, the outrageous gossip is seen as a bit of a laugh. But when Harry's name makes the front page, he doesn't find it quite so funny. [Given by the author.]
LINK TO FIC: The Gossip Files



Snape's voice was rougher than Harry remembered, cracking on the single word he'd spoken. It still possessed the same resonant rumbling, but lacked the bark it once had. Harry wondered if this was a consequence of his injuries or just too many years spent frightening the wits out of students.

Well Harry wasn't one of those students anymore, and he didn't have to put up with Snape's crabby attitude. He was Head of the Improper Use of Magic Department, for Merlin's sake!

"Now look here, Snape—"

"It appears Draco was accurate in his assessment of your manners, which remain appalling, Mr Potter. I may not be your professor anymore, but I believe I am entitled to a modicum of respect, even from the 'Chosen One'. The correct manner in which to address me would be 'Mr Snape'."

What an entertaining fic! Full of witty dialogues, characters that feel IC, snark, and banter. In fact, this fic is full of great comebacks and one-liners (wait till you read that bit about Malfoy and windsurfing). I had such a blast reading ”The Gossip Files”.

There is this new anonymous paper that prints horrible gossip about people. One day, there is a rumour about Harry liking a certain physical attribute of a certain potions master (no, not that attribute). Harry doesn't approve at all and seeks Snape so they can convict the culprit together.

Snape is a member of the Wizengamot here, and Harry is the Head of the Improper Use of Magic Department. I love unusual professions. I've never encountered Snape as a member of the Wizengamot before. The chemistry between them is perfect. And the sex! Dammit! There is wall!sex. Need I say anything more?

What also stands out are the interactions between Harry, Draco and Pansy. So funny! The writing style is fresh and fluent. I highly recommend reading this fic asap.

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