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[info]reijamira wrote
on May 25th, 2016 at 03:39 pm

[ST Fic Rec]: "Standby" by d8rkmessngr

TITLE: Standby
AUTHOR: d8rkmessngr
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: unkown, author's AO3
FANDOM: Star Trek (AOS)
GENRES: slash, first time, angst, hurt/comfort
WARNINGS: language, graphic m/m sex, highlight if you wish to know: *references to child abuse, attempted rape/non-con*
CONTAINS: friendship, hurt!Jim, worried!Bones, highlight if you wish to know: *Bones patching Jim up, misunderstandings, bad dreams, severe injuries, pining, trust issues, betrayal (not between the boys), jealousy, anal sex, fingering, bottom!Kirk, top!Bones*
TIME FRAME: Academy era through the first movie
WORDS: approx 23,345
SUMMARY: He was glad Bones was dating again. He was. Really. But what Jim thought was good for Bones turned out to be oh, so wrong for Jim. (Given by the author.)
LINK TO FIC: Standby

"Okay, your turn," Bones declared. He darted quickly to block the opening, his arms spread apart. "Where do you think you're going?"

Jim glowered but he wasn't in the mood to fight. Not with Bones. Not over Adam. He shrugged (tried) and hopped back on the bed. Jim checked to his right but there was no shadow.

"Wanted to get a better scan of that groin muscle he pulled. Make sure it's just that," Bones murmured as he unhooked Jim's cadet uniform jacket, his eyes crinkled to reflect the frown when he saw the shoulder. Bones made an annoyed sound against his teeth.

"Dammit. And you were going to duck out from coming here?" Bones scowled but his hands were careful when they cupped the swollen round joint of Jim's shoulder.

"It's not dislocated," Jim mumbled as he warily eyed the hypospray Bones had clipped to a belt. "I know what a dislocated shoulder feels like."

"Yea?" Bones said, distracted as he pointed the tricorder towards the inflamed shoulder. "Get a lot of those, huh?"

Jim's eyes clouded. "All my life."

"What?" Bones looked at him strangely.

"Nothing." Jim tested rotating his shoulder and he hissed. Sure enough, Bones frowned at him.

"I said it wasn't dislocated, Jim, but if you keep pushing it, it will be."

No, Jim thought bleakly. Not the left one. The right one, however, popped easily though. He bared his teeth at his friend.

"Can I get a sling?"

Bones snorted. "I can reduce this easily enough. You won't need a sling."

"Yeah, but looking like a wounded—Dammit, Bones!" Jim jumped. He didn't even see the hypospray coming.

Bones grinned, unapologetic, as he discarded the nozzle head with a quick flick of his wrist into a nearby bin. He pressed gently at the shoulder again and harrumphed.

"Swelling should go down in a few minutes."

Jim grumbled as he eased back into his uniform.

"Next time, watch it with Adam," Bones advised. "Not everything's a bar brawl, okay?"

Jim bit back a scoff. For some reason, Bones's remark stung. He kept his eyes on the fasteners of his jacket.

The hurt!Kirk kick is still going strong, and this fic was a much needed, nice, long and so, so satisfying read. Kirk suffers a lot in this, but he has a grumpy, caring Bones by his side who tends to all his wounds. It's wonderful. It starts with Bones dating again. Kirk can't stand Bones' boyfriend, but tries his best to not let it show. Things get really messy when said boyfriend repeatedly tries hitting on Kirk and just can't take no for an answer.

Yes, this fic deals with attempted non-con, so beware.

Kirk is just so Kirk in this. So messed up, but yet so bold with his big mouth and everything. I loved it. I always like fics that deal with Kirk's awful childhood and this one delivered nicely. The interactions between the boys were great. A nice read, especially for every h/c fan. :)

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