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[info]reijamira wrote
on July 30th, 2016 at 11:55 pm

[Dragon Age Fic Rec]: "Three Beers" by Elysium-fic (RCD_Anon)

TITLE: Three Beers
AUTHOR: Elysium-fic (RCD_Anon)
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: unknown, auhor's AO3
FANDOM: Dragon Age:Origins
PAIRING: Duncan/Alistair
GENRES: slash, first time
WARNINGS: graphic m/m sex
CONTAINS: highlight if you wish to know: *drinking, bottom!Alistair, innocent!Alistair, first time blowjob/handjob/anal fingering/prostate stimulation, kissing, coming without touching, helping remove armor*
TIME FRAME: in the months after Duncan got Alistair out of the Chantry
WORDS: approx 7,303
SUMMARY: Alistair realized he had to be at least a little drunk, or he'd never have had the courage. He'd have been mired in doubt and fear until he fled. Three beers. That was what it took to finally give him the guts to claim something for himself. (Given by the author.)

"Go get some rest," Duncan said, filling the silence that had fallen as Alistair stared at the embroidered rug lining the stone floor. "We'll talk more about this in the morning."

With that, Alistair remembered why he was lingering in Duncan's chambers to begin with. All the conflicted arousal came rushing back. But once again, Duncan was kindly offering him a way out. He could walk away and forget the... other business. Whatever that had been.

He could walk away.

Why wasn't he walking? His feet were leaden, refusing to move toward the door as they ought. Even after what Duncan had revealed, even with all the anger and confusion bubbling under the surface, all he could think about were those tense, charged moments when he had removed Duncan's armor. That mad instant when he'd kissed him.


He practically flinched at the force of the surge within him, once again pulsing the word yes to every extremity of his body and one notable extremity in particular. Duncan's voice was low, husky. Alistair could sense that his reserve was nearly at its end, even if he really didn't know what that end would entail. He had no idea what he was doing, except that he knew he stood upon a precipice. Unwilling to step back, too terrified to step forward, he hovered in between, filled with fear and yearning.

Duncan turned from him, pouring another goblet of wine. "Alistair, I cannot stay with you. I'm dying. I don't want that to be any harder on you than it has to be. I'm not a honorable or chivalrous man and my control is not endless. I've had... very few moments of gallantry or nobility in my life, and you're making it very difficult to do so now. Go. Let me shield you from this, as much as I can."

He went.

Forward. Not back.

Recently, I've started playing Dragon Age:Origins for the first time. This opened up a whole world of new ships and pairings for me. One of them being Duncan/Alistair. "Three Beers" is the first Duncan/Alistair fic I've read, and it's stunning! The author did such a great job at capturing their personalities. The chemistry, the dynamic, the hot tension, the sex… everything is most exquisite.

I love how it all starts. Alistair is slightly drunk, and offers Duncan to help him remove his armor. At first, Duncan is reluctant, but he relents quickly at Alistair's insistence. So off they go to Duncan's chambers. And, oh boy, is it getting hot in there. Seeing Duncan introducing this sweet, stubborn, innocent Alistair to the bodily pleasure for the first time is delightful! I highly recommend this fanfic! The writing is superb! It has become an instant favorite of mine!

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