June 2021



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[HP Fic Rec]: "I'm Nuts, Baby I'm Mad" by PsychoTheCupcake

TITLE: I'm Nuts, Baby I'm Mad
AUTHOR: PsychoTheCupcake
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: unknown, author's AO3
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Harry/Draco
GENRES: slash, first time, PWP, Non-Magical AU
WARNINGS: graphic m/m sex (smut, guys, pure unadulterated smut), language
CONTAINS: businessman!D, mechanic!H *bottom!D, fingering, anal sex, sex on a car, hung!H, dirty talk, blow job, muscular!H*
TIME FRAME: none, Non-Magical AU, H and D are in their twenties
WORDS: approx 3,985
SUMMARY: It was common knowledge that while Mr Harry Potter was one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country, he was also a recluse who, at the age of 25, rarely left his woodland estate to make a public appearance. He had been lucky to secure this invitation to meet the great Harry Potter at all, he reminded himself, although it sounded more like his father’s voice than his own. | Shameless PWP (Given by the author.)

“Uh, hi,” Draco cleared his throat, trying to sound officious, “Would you mind pointing me in the direction of the library?”

The man under the hood snorted and lifted one finger to the ceiling above him. Draco took a step forward, before grabbing a hold of his temper and clenching his teeth. He didn’t have time for this.

“Yes, I know it’s upstairs, you impertinent bastard, I’m going to need a little more direction than that to navigate this behemoth some call a house,” Draco snapped.

A deep chuckle carried from under the hood. “And why, exactly, are you navigating this behemoth all on your own?”

Draco could hear the mocking in the man’s voice, and he bristled despite himself. Just what was the man accusing him of? Sneaking around?

I mean, he was, but where did a mechanic get off pointing it out?

“I got lost trying to find a bathroom, if you must know.”

“There’s one two doors down from the library.”

“Maybe I went the other way -” God, why was he arguing with this man? Focus, Malfoy! “Listen, as much as I’d love to stay and chat, I’ve got a meeting to get to. My name is Draco -”

“Malfoy, yes.” One hand reached up and slammed the hood shut, revealing the man until recently hidden beneath it. “Is that the time already?”

God, the impertinent bastard was built. Draco watched as he wiped his large hands on a tattered cloth, doing precious little to get rid of the grease smeared over most of his person. Draco couldn’t help but follow the dark smudges over his defined forearms, biceps that looked like they could crush Draco without so much as a thought, broad shoulders that Draco could imagine sinking his teeth into, abs that looked like they were chiselled from the kind of rock Draco would not mind running his tongue over, leading down to a tantalising trail of dark hair disappearing into low-slung jeans-

Draco snapped his eyes back up to the man’s face. His green eyes were dark, but amused, his lips quirked ever so slightly. His black hair was a mess, hanging down in strands past his ears. It nearly reached his shoulders now, actually, and he was missing the black-rimmed glasses he’d become known for four years ago, but it took Draco three seconds to realize who he was looking at now that he’d stopped ogling the man’s body.

Harry Potter.


This fic was recced by [info]carpemermaid and the mention of mechanic!Harry made me sit up. Instantly, all those images flooded my mind of Harry, topless, sweaty and covered in grease, bending over the motor compartment of his car, and yeah, you get the picture. :) Needless to say, I had to read it! This is a short, non-magical AU where Draco is a businessman who's trying to convince the reclusive businessman Harry Potter to do business with him. Since Mr. Potter lets him wait forever in his library, Draco sets off looking for him, and finds someone working on a car in the garage. Things are getting hot from there on.

Mh, this fic is smoldering hot! It has all the nice things you could imagine from a fic with mechanic!Harry in it and then some. There is sexy as hell dirty talk and Harry is hung! Do you need any more?

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