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[info]reijamira wrote
on May 31st, 2017 at 10:31 am

[SPN Fic Rec]: "Ink" by norah

AUTHOR: norah
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: unknown, author's AO3
FANDOM: Supernatural
GENRES: slash, first time
WARNINGS: Sibling Incest (Wincest), graphic m/m sex, language
CONTAINS: ink!kink, Dean crooning over the Metallicar, boys hunting *masturbation, hand jobs*
TIME FRAME: post 2.14 Born Under A Bad Sign
WORDS: approx 5,570
SUMMARY: After the events of Born Under A Bad Sign, Sam keeps a secret. (Given by the author.)

Sam didn't think about it at all before it started. He just—did it, one day. They were in Duluth, on their way to check out a haunting up near the Canadian border, and Sam was out looking for a café to hang out in when he saw the place. He walked in on a whim, really. But when he walked out an hour later, still flying high on the buzz of it, he felt almost a palpable relief, like something he hadn't known he was carrying had been suddenly lifted away.

He went back to the hotel still floating. Dean was out buffing the car, and gave Sam a grunt and a nod for the donuts and coffee he handed over. Sam shut the door to the room behind him, went into the bathroom, shut that door too, and took off his shirt. He brought his arm up into the harsh yellow light to have another look; he could see it even through the blear of ointment and plastic wrap taped over it to help it heal.

Strong black lines obscured the ugly red brand and the burn mark that broke its circle, ink transmuting the demon's binding link into a stylized version of Agrippa's pentagram.
Sam kept looking at it as he undid his fly and took his dick out. He'd been hard since the needle first touched his skin, the flush of adrenalin hitting his system with a jolt, like a hunt with no outlet, all fight and no enemy. He watched his forearm flex as he stroked himself, the plastic wrap crinkling. The skin around the design was still kind of sore, and the little pain and the lingering rush conspired to bring him off faster than he'd expected. It was only moments before he was coming into his cupped hand, gasping.

He stood there panting for a second after, head spinning from the comedown, but then the door opened in the other room and Dean bellowed, "Sammy?"

Oh, this fic is hot! If you can imagine Sam getting tattoos on that delicious lickable body of his than this fic definitely is for you.

You see, after 2.14 Born Under A Bad Sign Sam has this ugly burned binding mark from the demon possession on his arm, and one day, after another hunt, he has this whim of getting it covered up by a tattoo. And then he gets another one, and another and another. It's becoming a routine. And each time after getting one done, Sam's flying high and horny as hell. He can't help it. The tattoos are his secret. He doesn't want Dean to notice them. But Dean being Dean can't help but noticing something. At least he's noticing Sammy wanking off in the shower. A lot. And it's embarrassing the hell out of Sammy. It doesn't take long, though, before Dean uncovers Sam's secret and what happens after that is H.O.T.!

Read this fic. It's pure bliss! Our boys are so IC here, the voices are great! The tone is really fitting the earlier episodes of the show with our boys being on the road, hunting things, sleeping in crappy motel rooms, getting banged up – you know the drill. The flow is fantastic. A fic I'll definitely re-read. And the word count isn't high. Perfect for when you need a quick and satisfying SPN fix.

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