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[info]reijamira wrote
on May 31st, 2017 at 11:55 am

[SPN Fic Rec]: "Leader of the Pack" by astolat

TITLE: Leader of the Pack
AUTHOR: astolat
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: [info]astolat, author's AO3
FANDOM: Supernatural
GENRES: slash, first time
WARNINGS: Sibling Incest (Wincest), graphic m/m sex, language
CONTAINS: hellhounds, powerful!S, possessive!S, boys hunting *bottom!D, telekinesis!fingering/!undressing/!sexy stuff, hand job*
TIME FRAME: mid season 3
WORDS: approx 14,876
SUMMARY: Teaching old dogs new tricks. (Given by the author.)

"What the fuck did you do?" he said to Sam's golden eyes, and then the fury of it brought him up off the ground, gripping Sam's arms and driving him up against the side of the Impala with a slam like tectonic plates. "What the fuck did you do?"

He didn't get his mistake until the hellhounds started up a howl at his exposed back, closing in on all sides around him, grinning lips peeling away from their red gums. Dean kicked one of them in the head as it aimed a first savage bite at his leg, or tried to; it dodged with unearthly speed and slunk back in low and close, eyes roiling.

Sam broke Dean's hold and spun them around, blocking him against the car and sheltering him behind his arms. "Down," he told the hounds, and they backed off a few paces, muttering low in their weird twisted voices, still staring at Dean hungrily.

"I just—" Sam said, "I found a way, all right? You're gonna have to leave it at that, Dean. I found a way to call them off you—fucking down," he snarled at the dogs, as they crept back in.

"Great," Dean managed, their steady meat-grinder growls crawling up his spine. "That's great, Sam, now you just have to not sleep—"

"Shut up, Dean," Sam said. "They can tell, your soul's still up, it's just not hers to claim anymore."

"Awesome," Dean said. "So what are you gonna do with it?"

"Give it back to you," Sam said, and slid a hand around behind Dean's neck before he knew what Sam was doing, long fingers running into his hair and cupping his skull, and Dean just had time to say, "Oh, hell no," before Sam was kissing him, hot wet mouth on his, deep and serious, the bitter taste of sulfur somewhere at the corner of his mouth. He tried to shove Sam off, but Sam just pressed him full-body up against the car, pinning his wrists, and finally mumbled, "G'dammit, Dean, just take it, get it over with," against his lips.

"Fine," Dean mumbled back, and shut his eyes and put his hand on the back of Sam's head and opened for it, and then it was like something was pouring into him: like he was an empty cup filling up with cool cool water, so much it was splashing up over the sides and running wet and clean and sweet over his fingers, down his wrist on a hot summer day, laughing while they washed the car, Sam grinning at him soaking-wet on the other side, a cold beer and the radio blasting.

This fic is genius! Sam saves Dean from the pit but it costs him. It not only changes him (sometimes he gets all yellow-eyed and has to fight his demon side and he becomes powerful) but he now also has a pack of hellhounds at his command. At first it seems like they have a bit of a problem there. But the Winchesters wouldn't be the Winchesters if they couldn't make do with the situation. So they start making lemonade out of lemons. Using the dogs to go hunting for evil things. It's fantastic! I loved this fic so much. The way astolat pictures Sam and Dean is just so damn IC. I'm in awe! So much to say about this fic, but I don't want to give away too much of the plot. You really should read it. It's all kinds of amazing. And the sex is hot in a really creative kind of way! Read read read. :)

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