June 2021



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[HP Fic Rec]: "Someone To Look After You" by iamisaac

TITLE: Someone To Look After You
AUTHOR: iamisaac
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: [info]iamisaac, author's AO3
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Albus/James (next gen)
GENRES: slash, smut
WARNINGS: Sibling Incest, graphic m/m sex, language
CONTAINS: feelings of guilt, denial, being unable to resist *mild praise!kink, dirty talk, top!Albus, bottom!James, anal sex, UST*
TIME FRAME: post-war, epilogue-compliant
WORDS: approx 2,170
SUMMARY: James has had a hard day, and he doesn't want Albus to help him relax. He really doesn't. (Given by the author.)
NOTES: This fic got me hooked to the Albus/James ship.

Al’s hands began to run down James’s back, and the touch was becoming more intimate, less clinical. James gave a brief shiver, because it felt so good, so bloody good… and then pulled away.

“Albus,” he said warningly, turning to face his brother.


And that had been a mistake, because now he was face to face with Al, who was standing right up next to him, so close that James could feel the puffs of air from Al’s breathing. That he was looking into those eyes which had always been able to convince James of anything, even when he knew it was wrong. And those childhood misdemeanours which had come to mind were nothing compared to the deeds of their latter years, James thought, the guilt eating away at him once more.

Al smiled at him, that small wicked smile that no one received but James, the one which melted James inside.

“No,” James said, wrenching himself away with superhuman effort. “I’m going to shower, and then I’ll make tea, and that is all, Albus Severus.”

“Of course,” Albus said, unnaturally meek. He stood utterly still facing James, his arms loose by his sides.

James looked away. If he pretended Al wasn’t there, perhaps he could persuade his body to calm down. His heart was beating unnaturally fast, as if he’d been running. He was also determinedly ignoring another part of his anatomy which apparently had no idea about appropriacy.

This fic got reced by [info]gracerene. I've never seen that pairing before, and even though I do have some incestuous ships among my many ships, I never ever considered Albus/James as another pairing I would add to my ever-expanding ship list. Well, thanks to the rec I've read this fantastic, insanely hot fic and now I'm hooked.

The plot is simple: James has had a hard day at work and needs to relax. Albus is already waiting for him and wants to help. Jamie is reluctant, he tries to resist his little brother, tries to deny these feelings he has for Albus, but he fails. His desire and love are way stronger.

I really loved it! It was the perfect introduction to this pairing for me. It's hot, has a nice little twist, but there are also all the things I like when reading incest: the denial, the angst, the guilt. Truly a great read!

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