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[SPN Fic Rec]: "Testing The Strong Ones" by familybizness

TITLE: Testing The Strong Ones
AUTHOR: familybizness
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: [info]familybizness, author's AO3
FANDOM: Supernatural
PAIRING: Sam/Castiel
OTHER PAIRINGS: none, Dean + Castiel friendship, Sam + Dean brotherly bond
GENRES: slash, hurt/comfort, established relationship, Team Free Will
WARNINGS: language, *none*
CONTAINS: hurt!Sam, migraine!Sam, Impala *Cas feeling helpless, worried/caring!Dean, worried/caring!Cas, human!Cas, Sam being sick*
TIME FRAME: post-S5, written in 2013
WORDS: approx 2,907
SUMMARY: Sometime vaguely post-S5, Team Free Will are driving around hunting together and generally being a team.  Then Sam gets a severe migraine and they have to stop.  Cas doesn't understand.  Dean is a good brother.  Oh, and it's Sam/Cas, because I will get out the oars and ROW this ship if I have to. (Given by the author.)

In the pale light of early morning, Sam gets out of bed and shuffles slowly to the bathroom.

Castiel watches him go. Maybe the worst of this is over.

Dean yawns, stretches, detaches his face from the pages of his book and sits upright. “Ow. Fuck.” He rubs at his neck a little. “Don’t let me sleep at the table, Cas.”

“You say that every time. And you always complain when I wake you up to move you.”

“Yeah, well…I’m awake now. Listen to awake-me. Not zombie-me. Where’s Sammy?”

As if in response, a small sound comes from the bathroom. Too high-pitched. It doesn’t sound like Sam. Except that Castiel would know Sam’s voice anywhere, even in the wrong octave, distorted by pain, oh no, that’s him.

Dean knows too and is on his feet. “Sammy!”

Oh god.

Sam is good at pain. Sam broke three ribs falling down a hill (he was pushed, Dean shouldn’t laugh, sit still, baby, let me look at it) and didn’t blink. Sam leaned on the burner of the stove and burned ugly blisters across his arm, hissed while Dean applied medicine and wrapped it in gauze and wondered aloud what the scars would look like. Dean ran over Sam’s foot with the car and Sam hopped around swearing for five minutes, strapped on a boot, and was fine.

But now Dean leads Sam out of the bathroom and he’s sobbing, quietly, shaking, and Dean’s holding him with both arms. Castiel jumps up to help. “What happened?”

This is an incredibly gorgeous and well-written hurt/comfort fic. It pictures Team Free Will in the Impala when Sam suddenly gets a severe migraine and they are forced to stop – in Detroit of all places.

Sam and Cas are already romantically involved here, which isn't usually my thing. I'm more into getting together fics, but this was a short fic and it was so riveting that I didn't care at all. I love how familybizness describes Sam being in pain, how worried Dean and Cas are for him, and the friendship between Dean and Cas as well as the brotherly connection between Sam and Dean. I simply love the interactions between Team Free Will overall. The imagery is beautiful, the writing flows easily. I wanted to read this on and on.

The dynamic between Sam and Cas is also really well done. Well, let's just say everything is really well done and simply fabulous. Read this!

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