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[info]reijamira wrote
on October 4th, 2017 at 05:53 pm

[SPN Fic Rec]: "Two One-Act Plays" by The_Bookkeeper

TITLE: Two One-Act Plays
AUTHOR: The_Bookkeeper
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: unknown, author's AO3
FANDOM: Supernatural
PAIRING: Sam/Castiel
OTHER PAIRINGS: none, Sam + Dean brotherly connection
GENRES: slash, established relationship, AU (canon divergence), Angst, Humor
WARNINGS: m/m, language, violence *none*
CONTAINS: Castiel as God (Godstiel), powerful!Sam, Sam with Demonic Powers, Boy-King!Sam, Sam as King of Hell*power display, flickering lights when emotional agitated, slightly crazy but still “Sam” Sam, rough sex (none-graphic)*
TIME FRAME: post-S3, but not canon convergent from there on
WORDS: approx 4,839
SUMMARY: Starring the Winchester Brothers and a blue-eyed stranger. (Given by the author.)

They didn't know who he was. They didn't know what he was. No one did. (Or, at least, no one who would talk to them about it, which meant all of Heaven could have been in the loop and they'd still be out of it.) He had turned up after Sam tossed Michael and Raphael into the Pit with their brother. He looked human, or at least could when he wanted to. He had really blue eyes and a tan trench coat and a tie which was always backwards.

He claimed to be God.

Sam said that he wasn't, and Dean believed him. Still, nameless trench coat had a few points of evidence in his favor. He was impossibly powerful, for one. He had little to no sense of humor. He was incredibly sanctimonious.

Honestly, Dean didn't know how they hadn't been smited yet. Smote? Smitten? Whatever. The point was, they definitely should have been carbon silhouettes on the wall of some cheap-ass motel by now, what with Sam being the King of Hell and everything. Yet, somehow, they weren't. Maybe it was some yin and yang, universal balance thing: no good without evil. Maybe it was just that Sam was more or less un-smiteable.

At this point, Dean didn't really care about the hows and whys of the two supernatural beings who flanked him. He just wanted both of them to shut up already.

"Clearly, leading people to such institutions should not be of the same consequence."

"Right," Sam agreed easily. "They should be worth more, because their practices are actually closer to the biblical teachings."

Dean really, really wished he trusted these two enough to leave them alone together. They had been arguing about their stupid point system for the past half hour, and all because Sam had to go and claim that more people went to church for fear of Hell than love of Heaven. Now they were neck-deep in negotiations about the rules of their fucking pissing contest, with Sam scribbling notes on the back of a porn magazine the last patron left behind and arguing like the almost-lawyer he was.

Beautifully written fanfic that gives a glimpse into Dean's life with two powerful beings at his side: Sam, the new King of Hell, and a blue-eyed stranger that thinks he's God. I love this canon divergent AU! It's a different take on how things could have played out in season 4 and 5. I highly recommend it, especially to everyone who likes Sam with Demonic Powers and Dean being there to keep him in check. It's a wonderful Sassy fic, too, with spot-on characterizations. Entirely written from Dean's POV and it works brilliantly!

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