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[SPN Fic Rec]: "Pictsie Dust" by kototyph

TITLE: Pictsie Dust
AUTHOR: kototyph
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: unknown, author's AO3
FANDOM: Supernatural
PAIRING: Castiel/Sam
OTHER PAIRINGS: none, Team Free Will
GENRES: slash, Sex Pollen, First Time, Humor
WARNINGS: graphic m/m sex, language *mild dub con due to the Sex Pollen genre*
CONTAINS: Castiel on fairy dust, Castiel being generally adorable, Sam in “distress” *take-control!Castiel, manhandling, first time kissing/blow job/hand job/fingering/rimming*
TIME FRAME: post-episode 7x21 Reading Is Fundamental
WORDS: approx 2,331
SUMMARY: For the Great Blind Sassy Exchange, and ineffablevegetable! Prompt: "Cas gets hit with the supernatural equivalent of taking ecstasy, and Sam has to keep him contained and all in one piece while Dean hunts down the antidote. Cas can’t help but want to touch everything, including but not limited to Sam’s shiny, shiny hair." (Given by the author.)

"Alright, here's how we're doing this. You," Dean says and points at Sam. "Stay. Guard."

"What am I, Lassie?" Sam complains, but Dean shoots him a look and he slumps resentfully back onto the bed.

Dean rolls his eyes and pivots to Castiel. "And you— what the hell, Cas, get out of my bag," he snaps, and Sam looks over his shoulder to see the angel running his hands over flannel with a disturbingly covetous glint in his eye.

"Actually, I think that's mine," Sam says bleakly, and rubs a hand over his face. And the day had been going so well. The research was thorough, the plan was solid, the execution flawless— right up until Castiel mistook a fairy nest for a beehive and stuck his fucking face in it.

"Soft," Castiel mumbles, going glassy-eyed as he strokes the plaid pattern. "Softy soft."
Apparently, one of the deadliest toxins known to hunters is the equivalent of a recreational drug to vessel-bound angels. Who knew? Minuses: Cas was even crazier than he had been. Pluses: at least he was happy-crazy instead of depressed- and suicidally-crazy.

Dean grimaces. "Right. Softy soft. Cas, why don't you just, y'know, chill here for a while? I'm sure Sam is really looking forward to all those hugs."

"Dean!" Sam hisses, but Castiel's eyes have snapped up to stare at him with an intensity that's terrifying. "No, that's fine, Cas, you don't have to—"

But Castiel is already wobbling across the bed on his knees and collapsing over Sam's back, humming happily as his fingers tangle themselves in Sam's bangs.

"Yep, hugs galore. Hugs for everybody," Dean says with an edge of nasty glee. "And I'm gonna go find us enough St. John's Wort to fill a bathtub! Shouldn't be too hard."

They're in the ass end of Nowhere, Iowa. The closest herbalist is probably in Colorado.

"Dean," Sam growls, trying to pry Castiel's hands off his head.

"Shiny," Castiel coos, petting him none too gently.

"Back in a couple hours, no sweat!" Dean says cheerfully, and swans out the motel door with a grin that desperately needs punching.

"I love everything," the angel sighs blissfully.

"I hate everyone," Sam says darkly.

Love this fic so much! Really, there are just a bit over two thousand words, but what words that are! Oh my Chuck, this is so, soooo delicious! Funny, adorable, SEXY! With spot-on voices of Sam, Dean and Castiel. And it's about one of my favorite tropes: Sex Pollen. Castiel is the one who gets hit with the stuff and Sam has to deal with him while Dean is gone searching for an antidote. Go, read it asap! Highly recommended!

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