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[info]reijamira wrote
on October 8th, 2017 at 12:28 am

[SPN Fic Rec]: "I Know It When I See It" by Balder12

TITLE: I Know It When I See It
AUTHOR: Balder12
AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: [info]balder12, author's AO3
FANDOM: Supernatural
PAIRING: Castiel/Sam
OTHER PAIRINGS: none, Team Free Will
GENRES: slash, PWP, Smut, Humor, First Time
WARNINGS: graphic m/m sex, language *Light Bondage (not between main characters), Tentacles (not between main characters)*
CONTAINS: UST, characters reading porn, awkwardness *pranking, first time kissing/hand jobs/finger sucking, table!sex, eagerness, semi-public!sex*
TIME FRAME: takes place in season 8, AU because Naomi doesn't exist and Sam hasn't started the trials yet
WORDS: approx 5,653
SUMMARY: Cas helps Sam translate a Medieval Enochian text that turns out to be racier than expected. Awkwardness ensues.

“Maybe the book is a code,” Sam said.  “That would explain the randomness of the entries.”  Cas looked unconvinced.  “Anyway, we’d better translate the whole thing, just in case.”   
“Very well.  Dated in the Year of Our Lord 1285 it begins:  ‘I came to you as you slept and gazed upon you until looking could no longer satisfy me.  I touched your eyelids and your lips.  You woke and I was frightened, but you kissed my fingertips and drew me down beside you.’”

“Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me, but . . .”.  Cas gave Sam a dirty look.  Fine.  No making jokes while Cas was translating.

“’You kissed me a hundred times as you unlaced my clothes.  Your breath quickened and your skin warmed beneath my hands.  I licked the sweat from the hollow of your throat and sucked bruises into your neck and chest.’”   

Cas read the entry with the same calm authority that he read everything else, but Sam still cringed.  It was awkward as hell to listen to a friend talk about sweat licking.

“‘When I closed my teeth around your nipple, you arched your back beneath me, and I slid down to where your length lay hard against your stomach.’” 

Cas was unaffected, but Sam’s face burned hot.  He’d never been able to imitate Dean's ability to chat about porn like it was the weather, and this whole situation made him painfully uncomfortable.  What was worse was that it wasn’t entirely embarrassment.  His body was starting to direct blood to places that he definitely didn't need it to go.  It had nothing to do with Cas, really.   After so much deprivation just sitting a few inches away from another person while he talked about sex was enough to set Sam off.

“It twitched as I kissed the fold of your inner thigh.  When I touched the tip with my tongue you shook so that I had to hold your hips to the bed.”

Sam shifted in his seat.  This was worse than that freshman Lit professor who’d felt the need to read all the sex scenes in Lady Chatterley’s Lover aloud to the class.

“I licked the underside of the shaft before taking you in my mouth.  You clutched my hair and stroked my jaw with your thumb as I sucked.  You thrust into my throat as you spent, and I swallowed you down.”

Sam shivered and practiced saying the exorcism spell backward in his head.  Cas glanced down.  “Is something wrong?”

“What?” It came out less as a casual question than a squeak of alarm.

Cas looked at him curiously.  Please be clueless, Sam thought.   
“You’ve stopped typing,” Cas said. 

“Typing?” Sam echoed.  “Oh, typing!  Right.  I’m supposed to be typing.  Look, I’m kind of tired, and the pie’s probably ready by now.  You should go see Dean and get it over with.”

Wonderful, hot, brilliant, and so awkwardly funny fic. I loved everything about it. Sam and Castiel's characterizations feel so real and spot-on. What an entertaining and satisfying read. There is even a cameo of Dean. Loved the whole awkwardness, Sam and Castiel's reactions are fabulous here, loved the chemistry. Great read!

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