June 2021



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How To Download Videos From YouTube

I've noticed a lot of people don't know how to download their favorite videos from YouTube, for example, because I still see people asking for help. For all of you who still need help with that issue, calm down, help has just arrived.

When I want to download videos from YouTube I use 'Javimoya's Video Downloader'. But this downloader often doesn't work right, because I, for one, keep getting error messages. Due to this I recommend using 'Keep Vid' for it works more effectively. Both downloader are based on the same design, so you just have to get the hang of it once; you won't need extra adjusting or something after that in order to use both downloaders.

Well, now, how do we get started?


All videos you download will be saved in a special file format, the .flv file. In order to watch your videos you have to download a program (player) that is able to play ".flv" files. You can either download the 'FLV Player' or, for those of you who want a more shiny and stylish player I recommend the 'Veoh Player'. You can also download the "Veoh Player" directly from the Veoh homepage. Both players are for free.

So, now, that you have downloaded one of these players, we can go to the next step:


1. Find a video you want to download.

2. Copy the URL of the page with the video on it.

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3. Go to one of the video downloaders and paste the URL in the free space.

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4. Choose the site you want to download your video from. When you can't find the site in the list, choose "Any Site" instead.

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5. Press "Download".

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6. A new box will appear (grey). Go to that box and right click on the "Download Link", then select "Save Target as" with a right click on your mouse.

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7. Another window opens. Currently your file is named "get_video". Now that's not a very creative name, is it? Write down your own descriptive name, for example "Bruce's Handetasche". (See note at the bottom of this entry.)
Now comes the important part! Attention everyone! You must also specify your file! That's easy, you just have to write ".flv" right behind your descriptive name, for example: "Bruce's Handetasche.flv" Don't forget this or else you won't get a video file in the end. After that press "save".

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
9. Go to the folder you saved the file to. You should see a blue white file there with your description. Open it and enjoy! :)

Note: In case you wonder what exactly "Bruce's Handetasche" is, it's something Bruce Darnell from "Germany's Next Topmodel" said. He said, "Die Handetasche muss lebendig sein!" (translated as: "The purse must be alive!") It's hilarious, go watch it here.

Anyway, I hope this little guide could be of help for at least a few of you. Of course there are other video downloaders out there. Dj Flush has collected The Best Online YouTube Video Downloaders. Since I'm quite happy with my current video downloader, I haven't tried the other ones.


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