June 2021



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[MCU Fic Rec]: "if you leap i'll come (falling too)" by coffeeinallcaps

Fanfic: if you leap i'll come (falling too)
Author: coffeeinallcaps
FANDOM: MCU, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV)
PAIRING: Sam/Bucky
GENRES: M/M, First Time, Friends with benefits to lovers, Humor
WARNINGS: *none*
CONTAINS: *banter, hand jobs, blow jobs, anal fingering, phone sex, declaration of love, praise kink*
RATING: Explicit
TIME FRAME: TFATWS season 1 episode 1–4
Notes: Sam's POV
WORDS: approx 4057
SUMMARY (given by the author): “It doesn’t have to mean anything,” Bucky murmurs.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Sam agrees, suppressing a shudder as Bucky presses an open-mouthed kiss to his throat. He shoves his hands under Bucky’s shirt, feels the muscles of his back work. “And it doesn’t have to happen again.”

But it does happen again. And again. And—

“By the way, I overheard Major Hill refer to you as my partner the other day,” Sam tells Bucky while strapping a chute to his back. “How does that make you feel?”

Bucky glances over his shoulder at Sam, squints thoughtfully. “Yeah, I guess we are partners now,” he says. “So much for fixing the Return of the Serum shit and never seeing each other again, huh? Should’ve known you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily.”

Sam makes a face at him.

“Oh, don’t you even try and deny it, Wilson,” Bucky says, slinging an arm around Sam’s waist, pulling him close, “I’m growing on you,” and Sam shoots back, “Yeah, like fungus, maybe,” and behind them Torres is laughing like something is really funny.

This is a precious gem of a fic that I was lucky to find while scrolling through the Sam/Bucky AO3 feed on my tumblr. In this Bucky and Sam have an agreement. They help each other out letting off steam after missions. They are friends with benefits. Nothing more nothing less. Really really. :) 

I loved this so much! The author has their dynamics and characters so right it reads like it could be canon. The banter is super funny and just so them! The sex is hot, they have super chemistry here. The ending is fantastic in all the right ways. Go read, it will make your day! 

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