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[info]reijamira wrote
on June 9th, 2021 at 01:35 am

[HP Fic Rec]: "Angels on the Moon" by Writcraft

TITLE: Angels on the Moon
AUTHOR: Writcraft
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Snape/Harry
GENRES: M/M, First Time, Accidental Bonding, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
WARNINGS: *Suicidal Thoughts*
CONTAINS: *Back to Hogwarts, Hurt Harry, Worried Snape, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Banter, Nightmares, Virgin Harry*
RATING: Explicit
TIME FRAME: Post-war/DH, not Epilogue-compliant, Snape is alive, Harry is 18, no kids
WORDS: approx 26911
SUMMARY (given by the author): The aftermath of the war is almost as difficult as the war itself, Harry is a mess and Severus is a reluctant survivor forced back to Hogwarts to recuperate from his injuries. When a brick-bonding spell goes awry, Harry and Severus are forced to confront hatred, misunderstandings and a new and unexpected intimacy which takes them both by surprise.
NOTES: Harry's POV, written for Snarry-a-Thon17

“Snape.” Harry stares at McGonagall. “I’m working with Snape?”

“Professor Snape, Harry.”

“Oh, so I still have to call him Professor, do I?” Harry huffs, a familiar frustration flaring within him. He’s about to protest when a distinctive form appears in the doorway.

“Minerva, what’s the meaning of this infernal racket?” A sallow, sickly looking Snape balks when he catches sight of Harry. “I do hope you’re simply giving Potter a tour of the castle. You’re fully aware I use this room for my reading.”

McGonagall clucks under her breath. “You have ample living quarters and a room of your own, Severus. Why you require a separate room is beyond me.”

Snape glares at McGonagall. “I keep extremely rare books in this room, students can’t just be allowed to paw at them-”

“I don’t want to paw at your mouldy old books.” Harry folds his arms and resists the urge to stick his tongue out at Snape. Now he comes to think of it, the bookcase and the desk in the room do remind him a little bit of Snape. There’s an inkwell and some half-written notes on the desk, with two quills discarded carelessly next to the rumpled parchment.

“A word, Headmistress?” Snape’s voice is low and cold, his words leaving him in a hiss. He gives Harry another disdainful look, his dark eyes swooping over the length of Harry’s body.

“I’ll be along shortly, Severus.” McGonagall gives both of them a look. “I would like to remind you gentlemen that this project is about restoring more than just the castle.”

This fic is so, so good. Snape and Harry are so IC here, it was such  a joy to read their tale. It’s after the war and Harry is a bit of a mess. He feels adrift and has these awful nightmares that don’t let him sleep properly. After awhile he comes to Hogwarts to help repair the damage. And of course he has to work together with Snape. Things start to get really complicated when they are accidentally bonded to each other. 

It is a wonderfully written story. I love bonding fics and this fic was a real treat to read. It has a protective, snarky Snape, a young but brave Harry and a lovely Minerva, who makes an appearance too. 

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