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[info]reijamira wrote
on June 9th, 2021 at 05:11 pm

[HP Fic Rec]: "An Awkward Customer" by AnyaElizabeth

TITLE: An Awkward Customer
AUTHOR: AnyaElizabeth
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Snape/Harry
GENRES: M/M, Angst with a Happy Ending,
WARNINGS: *Harry is 21*
CONTAINS: Unresolved Sexual Tension *Desk!sex, anal fingering/sex, bottom Harry, Trainee-Auror Harry, apothecary-owner Snape, misunderstandings*
RATING: Explicit
TIME FRAME: Post-war/DH, not Epilogue-compliant, Snape is alive, no kids
WORDS: approx 10769
SUMMARY (given by the author): Snape can't figure out why Potter is hanging around his shop.
NOTES: Snape's POV, written for Snarry-a-thon

"Slug and Jigger's closed?" he said, though it pained him to speak those words.

"Trust you more," said Harry, with a smile as though he'd noticed. He wasn't in his white shirt today - instead, he was wearing a tight-fitting jumper in moss green. Snape realised with an uncomfortable jolt that Potter's slim fragility had been more of an illusion than he realised.

Well, it would have been ridiculous if Potter had spent two years in Auror training and not toned at least a little.

The jumper had buttons at the neck. Apparently Potter had a tragic disorder that meant he couldn't reach any higher than his sternum, because they were undone, flashing more of Potter's neck and collarbone.

And Snape had now been looking too long.

"What do you want now?" he said irritably, fussing with the till.

"Ingredients for Doxy killer," said Potter. "And to take you out to dinner."

"Potter, you can buy it in bottles. Must you do everything awkwardly?"

"Would you buy it in a bottle?" said Potter, the ghost of frustration slipping over his features, but Snape wasn't going to dignify the other thing with an answer.

"I'm a Potions Master," said Snape. "You're a dimwit who can barely follow instructions."
"If I annoy you so very much, I can go to Slug and Jigger's. I'm sure they'll fall over themselves to help me."

"Don't even think about it," said Snape, coming out from behind the counter and swooping, inasmuch as he could swoop, down the tiny aisle of his shop. "If you go to those fawning idiots you'll never get out again. Your head will get stuck in the doorframe."

This is a fantastically written little fanfic, perfect for when you are in need for a Snarry fix but only have a bit more than an hour of time. I loved the characterizations here so much. It‘s about Harry who comes to Snape's apothecary, requesting ingredients for homebuilding potions and a date with Snape. Snape ignores the latter, but provides the first, and so Harry comes back every week always requesting the same things. The UST is great here and the resolve… uh, you should read it ASAP! 

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