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[info]reijamira wrote
on June 12th, 2021 at 04:28 pm

[HP Fic Rec]: "Dancing With Ghosts" by Writcraft

TITLE: Dancing With Ghosts
AUTHOR: Writcraft
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Snape/Harry
GENRES: M/M, First Time, Romance
WARNINGS: *none*
CONTAINS: *Auror Harry, Potions Master Snape, Unresolved Sexual Tension, anal sex/fingering, Size Kink, Ghosts*
RATING: Explicit
TIME FRAME: Post-war/DH, not Epilogue-compliant, Snape is alive, no kids
WORDS: approx 12808
SUMMARY (given by the author): During his annual winter trip to his parents’ grave at Godric’s Hollow, Harry bumps into Severus Snape. Supernatural forces decide to give the living a helping hand.
NOTES: Harry's POV, written for Secret Snarry Swap19

Eventually he turns and glares. “Would it kill you to give me a moment?”

“Do you expect me to wander around the churchyard like an abandoned Kneazle?” Snape sniffs disdainfully. “The churchyard is public property.”

Harry fishes two small birthday cake candles out of his pocket and Transfigures them into stout church candles. He places them by the grave and lights them with the tip of his wand, watching the flames flicker and wave in the breeze. 

“It might be public property, but this is my parents’ grave. I’m the one that comes here all the time and keeps it nice. Of all the bloody nights, why did you have to pick this one?”

“You usually visit in November,” Snape replies tightly. “How was I to know your plans had changed this year? I can assure you I had no desire for company either.”

“Sounds like you’re keeping a pretty close eye on what I’m doing,” Harry snaps. “Bit weird, if you ask me. I don’t need another stalker, not after the Eloise Billingham debacle.”

“I would sooner stalk a Mountain Troll than spend any time—” Snape is cut off by a loud crack to their left as the earlier gentle breeze whips into a frenzy.

In a flash both Snape and Harry have their wands drawn, immediately turning back-to-back to cover the entire graveyard that curves around them, sloping upwards into the darkness where the spires of the church make thin, pointed shadows in the sky.

Lumos!” It doesn’t escape Harry’s notice that Snape’s spell casts a dizzyingly powerful light around the small space. It also doesn’t escape his notice that the throb and pulse of Snape’s magic makes his skin tingle pleasantly, touching the most inconvenient places like a caress.

“It’s probably my dad’s ghost trying to drop a branch on your stupid head,” Harry mutters.

As always when it comes to this author, this fic is absolutely stunning. It has great characterization, a beautiful setting, it’s intriguing, authentic, full of passion and attraction. 

It’s about Harry who, on one of his regular visits to his parent’s grave, stumbles across Snape. They talk, they banter and things progress from there. I loved it! The interaction between Harry and Severus is fantastic. These two are made for each other and the authors shows us exactly why! It’s one of those fics that you can reread many times. Such a wonderful delight, truly!

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