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[info]reijamira wrote
on June 14th, 2021 at 03:46 pm

[MCU Fic Rec]: "Red, White, and Black and Blue" by Nindroid

Fanfic: Red, White, and Black and Blue
Author: Nindroid
FANDOM: MCU, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV)
PAIRING: Bucky/John
GENRES: M/M, Missing Scene, Hate Sex, PWP, First Time
WARNINGS: *Bloodplay, canon-typical violence*
CONTAINS: *Biting, Scratching, Metal Arm Porn, Wall Sex, Fighting, Anal Fingering/Sex, Dirty Talk, Rough Sex, Orgasm Denial/Delay *
RATING: Explicit
TIME FRAME: TFATWS 01x06, can be read as a missing scene after they reluctantly worked together
WORDS: approx 4632
SUMMARY (given by the author): Bucky can't stand to look at John's stupid fucking face anymore, not after what he's done. He's everything that Bucky hates.
What he hates even more is how he thinks about John on the other side of the coin.
NOTES: Bucky's POV

Oh, Bucky especially hated the little sly smile that John got on his face as he leaned over a bit. “I think that was another compliment, Buck.”

This motherfucker.

The plates on Bucky’s arm shifted, and he could tell John noticed his frustration, which snowballed into more frustration. “You don’t get to call me that,” he snapped after a moment.

“Why not? I heard Sam call you that.”

“Thin ice, Walker.”

John shifted back, holding his hands up to show he was backing off. “Sorry. I’m not here to get on your nerves. ‘Specially not after all that.”

Bucky felt the anger in his chest start to boil. The two lapsed into silence, and he watched as John turned away and lifted his hands to unclip and pull off his helmet, shaking his hair out and trying to finger comb it back into place.

He wanted to grab that stupid mess of blond hair, shove his face through the brickwork they were leaning against, and-- Nope. No, no, nope, no, he was not allowing himself to finish that thought. No fucking way. There was absolutely no way in hell he was thinking about John fucking Walker in any way other than beating him unconscious.

But fuck, if his thoughts weren’t running wild.

This can be read as a missing scene from TFATWS 01x06 right before Sam gives his speech. Walker and Bucky helped apprehending the Flag Smashers. One thing leads to another and they start to argument which leads to a fight which leads to arousal which leads to more fighting. Delicious hate!sex ensues. Well-written HOT little fic that takes their weird chemistry and runs with it.

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