June 2021



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[MCU Fic Rec]: "Mission To Monte Carlo" by Yavannie

Fanfic: Mission To Monte Carlo
Author: Yavannie
FANDOM: MCU, Captain America, TFATWS
PAIRING: Sam/Bucky
GENRES: M/M, Missions, Undercover Missions, Humor, Fluff and Humor, Espionage
WARNINGS: *Graphic Depictions of Violence*
CONTAINS: *men in suits, tie grabbing/tie fixing, faking sex noises, competence kink, kissing, necking, protective Bucky Barnes*
RATING: Teen And Up Audiences
TIME FRAME: post-TFATWS season 1
WORDS: approx 9292
SUMMARY (given by the author): Sam allows himself a second to let out a slow breath, willing himself to calm down. It’s not as if he hasn’t noticed it happening. The way that somewhere along the line, their bickering turned into banter - the way that these days, they sometimes toe the line where it might not even be just banter anymore. Bucky is no idiot (actually, scratch that, he’s most definitely an idiot, but not that kind of idiot), and Sam can’t help but think that he must have noticed too, can’t help but think that some of the things Bucky does are...deliberate. As deliberate as some of the things Sam does.

Does he hope they’re both being deliberate? Definitely. Is this undercover-with-no-cover operation the right time to try to figure it out? Absolutely not.

“Sir?” says the driver, meeting his eyes in the rearview mirror. “There are other cars waiting.”

“Yeah, sorry,” says Sam, rolling his neck and steeling himself. “Come on, Wilson,” he says under his breath. “You can be a little bit of a spy.”

“Everyone clear on what we’re doing?” Sharon asks, fingers resting on the car door handle.

“We go in, rescue a princess, and get out before we wake up any dragons,” Bucky says. “Regular high-fantasy stuff.”


“He has a point, though,” Sam says. “This… Elsbieta. She’s not exactly living her best life at the moment.”

“We’re here to gather evidence, not initiate a diplomatic crisis,” Sharon says bluntly before pushing the door open. “And fix your damn tie, Wilson.”

Sam glances down, then pulls ineffectually at the lopsided knot that never quite recovered from his yanking on it during the flight.

“Here,” says Bucky, shifting in his seat until he’s facing Sam. “I’ll do it.”

Mmmh, I really wish for this story to be an episode in season 2 of TFATWS. Please, TPTB, can it be an episode! It’s truly fantastic, sexy and so damn hilarious. When I was not fanning myself incessantly (because hello tags? Sam and Bucky undercover in suits, tie grabbing/tie fixing, competence kink, protective Bucky, necking), I was laughing my ass off (I tell you, the little fake sex noise orchestra has you in stitches!). This story comes with great characterizations and awesome chemistry between our boys (but also with Sharon). The writing-style is wonderful. Everything just flows right. There’s a spritz of a lot of things I enjoy (points to tags). This is a highly entertaining read. A real treat for one lovely evening.

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