June 2021



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[MCU Fic Rec]: "Longing" by Face_of_Poe

Fanfic: Longing
Author: Face_of_Poe
FANDOM: MCU, Captain America, TFATWS
PAIRING: Sam/Bucky
GENRES: M/M, Light Angst, Domesticity, Recovery
WARNINGS: *minor references to HYDRA abuse (implied sexual assault/rape/non-con)*
CONTAINS: *Bucky’s file, depression, PTSD, memes*
RATING: Teen And Up Audiences
TIME FRAME: post-TFATWS season 1
WORDS: approx 5192
SUMMARY (given by the author): “What’d he do now?”

“Hm?” Sam glances over, realizes he’s fumbled his station in the line, and recovers by grabbing for the pretzel bag.

“You got that worrying about Bucky Barnes look on your face.”

“Maybe I’m worrying about Captain America business.”

She straight up laughs right in his face. “Like I said,” and wow, okay.

It takes Sam about a month to grasp that Bucky’s made it his one-man mission to prop up Sam’s self-confidence in the whole Captain America transition, probably because he’s not been feeling a particular dearth of confidence since committing to the role, but he also supposes he gets it, considering how things went the first time around with the shield.

So he plays along with it, brags a little in response to editorials and public statements, smiles like a dolt at every new link Bucky sends his way while Sarah rolls her eyes harder and harder, but can’t help but pass along an article in turn citing some less-than-complimentary words from some deputy director of something at the FBI.

And gets in response: Shit I think that guy’s HYDRA

Sam laughs, shakes his head, and responds: Just because some crusty old white guy has poor taste doesn’t make him Hydra.

It takes Bucky about two hours to return to the banter, apparently because they’re not bantering. No, I recognize him, he was HYDRA. Or at least HYDRA adjacent.

Well, hell.

And then he goes quiet. Completely, utterly radio silent.

Awww, what a beautiful, profound little recovery story this is. It takes place at the end of TFATWS and is told from Sam’s POV. We get to see a little glimpse of his friendship with Bucky. They are texting and staying in contact when Bucky is in New York. But every now and then Bucky drops off the radar for one or two days. Sam doesn’t get a clearer picture of why that is until one day when he mentions he’s read Bucky’s HYDRA file.

The characterizations and the dialogs are superb. The author is so deft at describing interactions between the characters. It pulls you right in and let’s you hang on every line. I loved the tone and the way this little story unfolds. It’s a perfect mix of sad and hopeful and warm.

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