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[info]reijamira wrote
on August 18th, 2007 at 12:08 am

New layout

After three long days of hard work (and trust me when I say 'hard work' it really was hard work!) I'm now pretty pleased with my layout! Of course, since I'm way too much obsessed with Supernatural, I made a SPN themed one. What do you say? Do you like it? Tell me! I'm curious! and fishing for compliments

I'm so happy I found a header that features not only both Sam and Dean Winchester but also the third main character, the famous Impala! Yay! Thanks to fallen_for_lost for this awesome piece of SPN art!

It really took me awhile to find it, though. You wouldn't believe it, even though the whole internet is full of great art and pics and the like and ElJay is just one little corner where you can find a lot of pics/icons/headers, stuff like that; it's really damn difficult to search directly for something! Say a SPN header or icons, for example. So far I uploaded 84 of 300 icons and I'm still looking for "Thank-you" or "For-the-win" icons, so I went over to ElJay searching for some nice icons and I didn't find any! Can you believe it? Even with the help of ljseek I came out with nothing! Mm, that's quite annoying if you ask me!

Anyway, on to another topic!

+++ I need your help! +++

The other day I stumbled across a really hot icon of John Winchester (aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan). It was an animated one, had a dark red background, showed possessed John and said something along the lines of "Evil just got sexy". Stupid as I sometimes am I didn't save it to my folders! *stupidstupidstupidstupid* And now I really want to have it! I would really appreciate it if you could watch out for it, and if you stumble across it, please point me in the right direction! It really drives me crazy that I can't locate it on my own!

ETA 08-18-2007 @ 02:30am: I found it! LOL I've just found it! Man, I thought I saw that pretty icon a few days ago but according to my history it was yesterday! LOL See? This will happen if you spend way to many hours on-line! Anyway, here is the wonderful icon! I was looking for that:

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It was made by lidi. Also my memory seems to be pretty fuzzy! I thought the background was dark red only and let's not mention what I thought the icon said! LOL I'm getting old!

However, I'm still unsure of what to write in this journal! Should I write about the same things as I write in my ElJay? Should I also make it semi-friends-only? I don't know! But we'll see! I'll think about that for awhile. For now I'm immensely pleased I got my layout up and running!

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