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[GW Fic Rec]: "Grief and a Headhunter's Rage" by Jei

TITLE: Grief and a Headhunter's Rage
FANDOM: Gundam Wing
PAIRING: 1x2x1
GENRES: AU, drama (Well kind of)
WARNINGS: mentioning of death (No GW chara dies)
TIME FRAME: none, for it’s an AU
WORDS: about 37,878
SUMMARY: This fic is an AU, and it is angsty and depressing at times because it has a central theme of death. This fic contains the growth of a quiet, but powerful bond between Heero and Duo that is essential to the point, but is not the point itself. This fic is, oddly enough, inspired by the introduction of Culture & Truth: The Remaking of Social Analysis, by Renato Rosaldo. (author’s summary)
LINK TO FIC: Grief and a Headhunter’s Rage

"Heero Yuy," I said, pegging him as the resident trickster. Many cultures have one. "What's your specialty?"

There was a very brief moment of silence, one that I probably wouldn't have noticed if the slight hesitation didn't contrast so much with the quick and easy way he had given his name. "Oncology. What's yours?" Maybe he didn't think I knew the word 'oncology'. Maybe he was deciding how snappy of a comeback to tack on to his answer.

I knew that he would be the one for me to keep an eye on. Before I had to answer the question on my own, however, Dr. Khushrenada took control again, or 'K', as Maxwell had informally addressed him. It certainly was easier on the tongue. I guessed it was a term of convenience or familiarity rather than of disrespect. This seemed to be a very close-knit group. I hoped it wouldn't cause me any problems. "As I mentioned before, Mr. Yuy is here to conduct a study of the pediatric ward."

Grief and a Headhunter’s Rage is the first fic ever I’ve read of Jei’s fics. I found it via a rec, I believe it was written by link_worshiper, and was instantly intrigued!

As I said before, GaaHR is a total AU. The GW-boys never piloted a Gundam, the war is non-existent and so on.

This fic is told from Heero’s POV and it is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Jei captures Heero’s character perfectly. Heero is not the emotionless, repressed, or introverted boy we often see in fanfics. He feels, he observes, he has empathy. Just because he is not as outgoing as Duo doesn’t mean he’s introverted and unsocial.

Heero is an anthropologist who conducts a study about how people deal with death and grief. – Well, now I hear you laughing, but it’s really well-written! I imagine Heero to have a talent for observing people, their reactions, their ways etc. Jei’s take of Heero as someone who observes people from an objective perspective (due to his study) is fitting! It seems natural. I also like the thought of Heero thinking of his study like a mission; even though he never refers to it that way, but as a GW-fan you certainly get that picture and here I see a nice parallel Jei created to connect her AU fic with the GW-verse.

In order to get a deeper insight of how people grieve, Heero wants to study a few doctors in the pediatric ward of Peacecraft Memorial. Duo is one of the doctors there, and because of the ailments he treats he encounters the most death situations. Heero is intrigued by him.

Throughout his study, Heero learns more and more of the ways people deal with such a delicate situation. The slow development of Heero and Duo’s relationship is interesting and understandable, and we get insights into their personalities. It reflects that both Heero and Duo have a three dimensional character. They act like human beings! I liked that.

GaaHR is a story I very much enjoyed! It is well-thought out, well-written, believable constructed, and has nice characterisations. I only wish the special scene (you know, the sex) were a little bit more explicit. That would be perfect, but it’s only a subjective liking.

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