June 2021



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[Recs]: About my recommendations

I am a huge slash fan, and therefore I can't live without reading fanfiction. I will recommend every fic I've read and enjoyed here in my IJ because I myself mostly rely on recs when looking for my next read. This Master Rec List is supposed to be a first point of orientation for interested people who want to browse my recs.

Here you will find information on what kind of recs you can find here, which pattern they follow, how you can browse the recs by particular ships or fandoms.


You can either browse my recs by a particular ship, fandom, het/slash relationship, or an author you like.


Alexander The Great: Hephaestion/Alexander

Almost Human: Dorian/John

Doom: John "Reaper" Grimm/Asher "Sarge" Mahonin, John "Reaper" Grimm/Samantha Grimm

Dragon Age: Duncan/Alistair

Edge of Tomorrow: Bill/Rita

Gundam Wing: 1x2x1

Harry Potter: Snarry, Drarry, Harry/Scorpius, Albus Severus/James Sirius

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): Bucky/Steve, Bucky/Sam, Bucky/Rumlow, Bucky/John, Logan/Bucky, Gen

Star Trek: Kirk/McCoy

Sully: Sully/Skiles

Supernatural: Sam/Dean, John/Sam, Sam/Castiel, Sam/Crowley

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn/Farkas, Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn/Vilkas, Farkas/Vilkas


# All Fandoms

# Alexander The Great

# Almost Human

# Doom

# Dragon Age

# Edge of Tomorrow

# Gundam Wing

# Harry Potter

# Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

# Star Trek

# Sully

# Supernatural

# The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


SLASH only

HET only


GEN only





I'm a multishipper. The fandoms I'm most active in are: Captain America (MCU) (Bucky/Steve), Harry Potter (Snarry, Drarry), Gundam Wing (1x2x1, 2x5x2), Supernatural (Sam/Dean, Sam/Castiel, Sam/John), Star Trek AOS (Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Kirk, Pike/Kirk). But, really, you will find a lot more fandoms here. These are just my main fandoms. (Here is a full list of all my fandoms and ships on DW.)


I love longer fics with a well thought-out, thrilling plot, where you can actually see a plot development. Occasionally, you will find a short fic here as well (say about 2,000 words). Also important is a great characterisation that is IC and believable. I'm a sucker for tension between the main characters, this both includes (unresolved) sexual tension as well as all kinds of conflicts.

I like action and adventure (case!fic, mission!fic) a lot, this (sometimes) includes violence. You will also find elements of hurt/comfort, meaning i.e. that at some point in the plot one character gets shot or something, and the other character has to get his injured partner out of harms way. I deliberately word it "elements of hurt/comfort" because I don't like fics that only deal with hurt/comfort alone. Read more on this topic here.

In case of Harry Potter fanfics I almost exclusively read post-Hogwarts fics, because I love my Harry mature and grown-up. I also have a thing for powerful!Harry. Oblivious!Harry is also fine with me.

I love slash, so most of the fics will be slash fanfics. I'm not very partial as to who is bottoming or who is topping. I like switching. :) (Find all slash fanfics I've rec'ed here.)

Recently, I've ventured more and more into the het corner of fandom. So you will find the occasional het fanfic here as well. (Here are all het fanfics I've rec'ed so far.)

I mostly read get together fics, first time fics. Established relationship is not really my favorite piece of cake because, remember, I'm a sucker for (sexual) tension between the characters, and the best tension you can find is in get together fics. So established relationship doesn't work for me. (Occassionally, but rather rarely though, you can find a short fic (smut) here, that I enjoyed despite the established relationship.) What does work for me, though, are getting back together fics. This setting gets the conflict and the tension back into the plot.

I should also mention that I can't read sad, tragic endings. I'm just not strong enough to bear them. So all fics I rec will end on a positive note, if not a happily ever after.

Things you will definitely NOT find here: PWP*, mpreg**, sap, overdone romance, humiliation, major character death (I just can't, so no sad or ambiguous endings either), extreme kinks like gagging, vomit play, scat and the like, insufferable OOCness, cliché UKE/SEME characters, Heero excessively and devotedly un-braiding and combing Duo's hair for no reason ... the list will be continued.

*Edit: 12/22/2015: I've decided to also rec well-written smutty fics from now on. Wouldn't be fair to leave out the fun.

**Edit 12/17/2015: Uh-oh. I never thought I'd say this, but I officially like mpreg now. Teh shock, I know. Thanks to [info]capitu (LJ) I discovered that mpreg can be enjoyable, but only if it's angsty, conflict-laden, and the actual birth scene isn't described in great detail. That means no schmoopy baby adoring here. I just can't stand too much sap. It just makes me cringe.


When I read recs, I often find them rather sparse. Mostly there's only the essential information given, consisting of the fandom, the author's name, the pairing, warnings, and, if at all, a short summary and a link to the fic. There's no information at all on what makes that particular fic so readable and enjoyable. For me a rec also includes a personal impression, a few words about the plot, the characters, and what you do and do not like about the fic. Therefore my recs will be more detailed. They all follow a particular pattern that also includes a personal impression and a quote.


I have a recs journal if you're interested, it's mostly J2 and Wincest. If you want, you can troll it and look for stuff you like!
Ah thank you for the tip! :) I will definitely check that out!
There, I just friended you with it.
Great! I just checked out your profile, and I don't know when but I've been there before. LOL, I thought, "Yeah, I HATE mpreg as well!" *lol*
It's terrible stuff, isn't it? What scares me even more is when people do it on a show or with actors where there is not a supernatural element. Like, if magic doesn't explain it, WTF. House and Cuddy or whoever are NOT HAVING A BABY, PEOPLE.
Oh boy, yes! It's so awful! I mean, men aren't supposed to get children! If so, they would bleed once a month and stuff like that, but they don't!

Worst thing about mpreg is that the pregnant(!) man becomes somehow a woman, he not only is suddenly able to get pregnant and bear a child, no, he also gets emotionally weak (as though women are that sappy when they are pregnant!). It's just so wrong and those lame explanations why a man suddenly can get pregnant makes me laugh out loud!

I want to read slash because of the male/male relationship! I don't need fluffy, sappy over-emotional pregnant male characters. That's not what I'm looking for. And no, Sam has NOT always been a girl or a hermaphrodite. DUH!
Yeah, I think my biggest problem is the thing where the character turns into the stereotypical pregnant woman. It's insulting. Not all women act like that, and I don't know why a man suddenly would if they've never been emo before that.

I've seen it doen in a horror story and that's alright sometimes. But the whole happy family thing? EEK.

Just say no to assbabies! Heh.
Lol, right, assbabies are yuck! I must admit, once I read a Snape/Harry fic in which Harry gave birth to a child! I actually read that. And - OMG! - people think of the muscles in that southern part of your body! If something that big comes through your ass I don't think it would do your body any good! Poor male characters!

Besides, that must be one hell of a pain in the ass! *Lol*

Anyway, I found that fic completely and utterly ridiculous! Seriously, wtf?

And yes, you are right: "The whole happy family thing" *chokes*

And it's indeed an insult to all the women out there.
God, my butt hurts just thinking about it, LOL.
Mine too! *rofl*
Oh wow, I just realized you have a completely different picture by your username than that crazy Tweakface. How did you get that, if you don't mind my asking? I really dont' like that little yellow face.
Whoa, bad icon choice! I was looking for this one and got the keywords confused.
Muhahahahah, that cracked me up there!

On the little user icons! There's a special code for that! Go here and follow the instructions.

Gun!Porn or Hand!Porn... hahah what a nice icon!
Awesome, thanks!

You're welcome! :)

Haha, that's why I was laughing!
Ich bin doch immer wieder überrascht, daß es Pairing-Namen gibt, die in mir den Drang erzeugen, mit dem Kopf vor eine Wand zu rennen... Ich glaube, Harry Potter und Buffy the Vampire Slayer sind dafür besonders gegeignet.
"geeignet" sollte das heißen.
"gegeignet" der war gut! :)
Jup, da haste wohl recht! Ich meine "Snarry", "Drarry", "Clex" (Clark Kent/Lex Luthor), Spander und die ganzen Sachen... Ich möchte wissen, wer auf sowas kommt.
Und "Spuffy". Und "Spangel". Ich mein', das tut doch aua.

Gute Frage, wer das wohl erfunden hat...
Ah genau "Spuffy" und "Spangel" (was mich immer an "Bengel" erinnert), gibts ja auch noch. Gott sei Dank gibt es sowas bei Supernatural nicht, ich meine Sam/Dean = Sean, Dam oder John/Sam = Sohn/Jam ... lieber nicht!
... Spargel!
*LOL* Oh Mann, nicht nur, dass Spargel lächerlich klingt, nein, es erinnert mich ob seiner phallischen Form auch an was Anderes! :)