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[info]reijamira wrote
on September 5th, 2007 at 05:59 pm

[GW Fic Rec]: "Virgin Sacrifice" by Kracken

TITLE: Virgin Sacrifice
AUTHOR: Kracken
AUTHOR'S IJ NAME: [info]kracken
FANDOM: Gundam Wing
PAIRING: 1x2, 3x4, 5xSally
GENRES: slash, a little angst, action, adventure, some h/c
WARNINGS: language, violence
TIME FRAME: Post EW, post war, Preventer Era
WORDS: approx 26,368
SUMMARY: The G-boys are Preventers now. Commander Duo and his team are assigned a new mission in the Mountains of Asia. Despite having a high fever, he gives everything to accomplish the mission and get his people to safety.
LINK TO FIC: Virgin Sacrifice

Sally suddenly sounded cross. "Men!" she growled. "If one of you had a leg off, probably one in a hundred of you would ever notice. Of course he has troubles, all of you do. Why? Something bad happen?"

"No," Duo replied shortly.

"Meaning, yes," Sally said in exasperation. "Look, keep your damn secrets, but don't be stupid. If Heero is in some sort of trouble, and you're trying to get him out of it, remember that he is still trigger happy, has a killer right cross, has a problem with depression and self sacrifice, and needs enough medication to take out a bull elephant to sedate him."

"Heero's strong, but I'm a match for him," Duo retorted.

"Are you expecting a fight?" Sally zeroed in on that slip like a laser beam.

Duo turned onto an off ramp and didn't reply until he had found the right road. Then he said, "God, I hope not."

"Want some backup?" Sally wondered.

Don't let yourself be scared away by the strange title and the beginning of the fic! At first I thought it's one of those fics in which Duo is pictured as the fool who is not able to do anything right. But as I read on, soon it became clear that Duo is anything but a fool in that fic.

He's a Preventer and commander of a team that consists of Heero, Wufei, Sally and Milliardo Peacecraft.
Notice that Duo is the commander here not Heero or anyone else. Duo became commander because of his leadership skills. It's wonderful to read a fic in which Duo is a match for Heero or even a tad bit better in something, because, usually, it's the other way around.

Finally here we have a fic that brings out Duo's qualities and skills, shows that he is not weak (not in the slightest), a fool, or even incompetent or always less skilled than Heero. I liked that a lot.

The mission takes place in the mountains of Asia, a very hard territory to work in because of the freezing cold, the snow and the heavy wind. Even though Duo has a fever and it seems to get worse, he doesn't let himself be affected by it and keeps going. After all he is a Gundam Pilot, he has a mission to accomplish and people who rely on him. It's fascinating to see how Duo struggles with the fever and yet he still manages to do his job.

I also liked the h/c elements! It's nice how everyone, especially Heero, seems to be worried about Duo's condition.

Kracken's writing style is fantastic, she tells the story from Duo's POV using a third-person narrator. There is a thrilling Preventer case, a strong Duo and nice sex at the end!

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