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Sep. 20th, 2007

14 brushes/textures

Another bunch of brushes/textures I made today. I really enjoy making these brushes. It's kinda relaxing. Anyway, [info]only_gremo liked #4 from the previous bunch and I created a few more in this symmetric style. Yep, Gremo fed the muse!

As always the background is transparent. Some of these (especially the lighter ones) look far more better on darker backgrounds.

Teaser (small versions):

001 002 003

small versions )

Bigger Versions )

13 brushes/textures

I further experimented with my image editor and this is what came out: 13 new brushes/textures.

As always the background is transparent.


001 002 003

Small versions )

To the bigger versions. )

Sep. 19th, 2007

5 more brushes, all issues fixed :)

So I actually figured out how to solve the filth issue in my very first brush. And because I felt like it, I created a few more brushes. Hope you like them. All backgrounds are transparent:

Preview small mini versions.

001 002 003
004 005

To the bigger versions )

Personally I really like #1. It looks kinda like a pixie holding a double scythe or something! *lol*

I also wanted to thank all the lovely people who commented on my first (very faulty) brush. &hearts

I think I discovered a new hobby. *lol*

+ If you take something, please comment. &hearts
+ Credit me.
+ Don't alter these brushes and pass them off as your own work. You are allowed to change the size to your liking and cut off parts, but still credit me for the base.
+ Feedback is highly appreciated.
+ Don't hotlink.

Sep. 18th, 2007

My very first brush

Today I experimented a bit with my image program and I actually created my very first fractal-based brush! Have a look:

Mini version:

mini winged swirl - reijamira

Big version )

I called it "winged swirl". You can use it as a brush or a texture to create pictures, icons or for your layout. The background is transparent, meaning when you put it on a black background for example you will only see the colored parts. This one looks better on a white or a light background, though. :)

I actually had lots of fun creating this one and I'm sure I will make more of these brushes.

+ If you want to use it, comment, credit and enjoy! &hearts
+ Don't hotlink.
+ Feedback is appreciated. &hearts