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Oct. 9th, 2007

Jared's new photoshoot: 3 photos/10 icons

The other day I stumbled across three photos from Jared's new photoshoot which were posted by moonilicious. I must say these pics are gorgeous! Jared is one hot guy! Dammit.

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view)

Because they are so hot I also made a few icons from the pics. Hope you like them.

[01-10] Jared Padalecki


001 002 003

To the rest )

Sep. 28th, 2007

Gimp, pictures and my first two icons :)

Everyone who knows me a bit can tell that I occasionally whine about not having Photoshop to create shiny and nice icons, headers and the like. Yesterday [info]only_gremo told me about a free but very good image program called GIMP. It's a program for LINUX but it also works with Windows.

I downloaded it, and when you are a newbie like me it looks so complicated at first. I browsed through the manual (English Version) in order to understand the thousands of tools and then I tried a few of them.

I actually created my two very first icons with Gimp. Besides the fact that these are my first icons, they are not special though, and they are by far not perfect, but I decided to post them to my journal anyway. I messed around with the text editor, layers and different filters besides other things. It was fun! Okay, on to my first icons:

001 002

Well, as I said nothing special, just the result of my testing and probing. :) But as it is with first things, I love them. &hearts

I'm excited to see how long it will take me to master Gimp and to create really shiny icons and stuff! We'll see.